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Thread: TribalOVERKILL's, Blackout

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    TribalOVERKILL's, Blackout

    Well yes I figured that. So you'll just drill a hole in every row and cut around? I've never cut holes in things with a scroll saw. Don't you have to reset the blade every time you change holes?
    Drilled a hole in every slot and yes,.... I have to loosen, remove, and tighten the blade for each of the 84 slots

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    TribalOVERKILL's, Blackout

    Getting cool!


    I did some cutting as you can see. The fan shrough is looking nice. Just have to bend that one little thing and then see how she fits,...

    At first I though I F@#$ed up but i forgot that teh inside piece is way different then the outside piece. So far,... they are perfect.

    Bent the tab thing.

    Other side of the tab thingie,...

    AND HE SCORES!!!!!! Damn,... this thing fit in there just like that. I had to file down the tab thing just a bit but that was it! Slid right in there.

    Look at that fit! Like it belongs there or it came with the case,...

    From the outside,...

    Pulled it down so you can see how it fits in there,...

    A rear shot. As you can see I have to cut some more away from what was a Lian-Li.

    You see the holes I drilled out for the 120mm fan? You see how the holes line up withe the holes in the case that were meant for the fan? How cool is that! I totally measured everything with a ruler. I I took all those measurments and drew out my part, the parrt you see now. You see how perfect! AHHHH!!! LOL.

    One big ass grill. Thats going to look cool all polished out.

    I have off tonight. I will be in the studio for a LOOOOOOOOONG time. I want these grills cut, shaped, and mounted by the end of the day. Would like to start something else on teh PSU too but I just stick with finishing this stuff first.

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    TribalOVERKILL's, Blackout

    how'd you get your scroll saw to cut so straight? the blades on mine keep wanting to "travel" on certain materials

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    TribalOVERKILL's, Blackout

    What did you use to cut the circles?

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    TribalOVERKILL's, Blackout

    What did you use to cut the circles?
    The scroll saw.

    @ Masika - Are you using the spiral blades? If so thats why. Just use the normal blades. I forgot which ones I use but its a very thin blade, not the thinnest, but very thin. First,... try to keep at least one finger from each hand on the table as your feeding your work into the blade. This way you can feel your movements. Also your work wont turn as easily with the your fingers on the table. Most importantly,... always look ahead too. Look where your cutting and where you are going. If you focus only on the blade,... you'll end up steering more. If you look ahead,... you will steer less. Why? I know why,... I just cant explain it. Just do it and you'll see. Also,... feeding your work into the blade reall slow isnt necessarily better or safer. For aluminum use some kind of oil to prolong the life of the blade and to cut faster.

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    TribalOVERKILL's, Blackout

    I think it might be that my scroll saw is an older model and is probably going to "die" soon(it is after all almost 20 years old) so the motor probably doesnt have enough power as it should, so the blades get caught up a bit.

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    TribalOVERKILL's, Blackout

    Very cool!


    Started cutting out the grills,... wasn't that bad but still, it was a major pain in the arse.

    Done cutting the first grill,...

    Looking nice,....

    So,... I was able to cut out everything you see with one little blade. I was really puching it too. I was totally tired and just wanted to get it done. If I was easier on the blade I bet I could of done a lot more.

    Everything all cut out. Just needs to be filed now,... S@#$.

    Smaller grill filed and now,... im cutting the grooves to bend the little tab sides thingies,...

    Grooves cut,... very nice.

    Bending the sides,...

    I use a big piece of angle iron to do my bending now Works good

    All done. With bending that is,...

    Very nice,..

    Old corner,...

    New corner,...

    This is how I round the corners to make the look as if it was continuous. I just smash the aluminum together with a tack hammer. Think of aluminum as really hard clay. It really easy to mold.

    What you think? I like it.


    Big grill all filed down.

    cutting the grooves for the big grill.

    Drilled my holes after carefully figuring out where to put them,...

    I cant believe I did this again,... I cut to far with the scroll saw. I keep forgetting not to cut all the way into the corner. I have to stopon the bend line. Oh well,...

    Almost done! I still have some shaping to do with these things. Have to clean up their shape a bit.

    Not to shabby,... when the time comes, I'm going to sand the sides down so these things are only about 1/8" high. Maybe 3/32".

    Big grill in place." alt="" />

    Little grill in place,...

    Both. Picture these all polished out,... yum.

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    TribalOVERKILL's, Blackout

    I assume that you will be cutting out the mesh for the 120mm?

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    TribalOVERKILL's, Blackout

    Oh yea. I have to cut that out and a little bit from the PSU area too. I'm suprised no one has asked about where the PSU plug thing is going to go,...

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    TribalOVERKILL's, Blackout

    LOL, where IS it going? I just figured that you know what you're doing..... :roll: I mean, who wouldn't assume that!? Great work, I'm really impressed.

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