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Thread: questions about contests

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    questions about contests

    I wanted to run some ideas by all of you. I've been itching to throw a contest on my site. it would be open to everyone, but i need some input on it.

    my site is still relativly small so i wanted to post the idea on a larger one for the feedback.

    I'm considering a PSU mossing contest.
    The duration would be about a month.
    The first place prize would be a Mid Sized ATX Case, not sure which one yet

    So what do you guys think? if you were a member would that be something that interests you? Now i know alot of people go, cool a free case, but could you really seeing yourselves doing the mod?

    I'm pretty curious to what kinda activity i could yeild from it.

    thanks guys, any input you have it's pretty great.

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    Wet Sanded
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    questions about contests

    Umm. I'm afraid to mess with my psu. That might just be me, but mine is barely visible. So no, I probably wouldn't get around to it unless a nice influx of extra cash and time came my way.

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    questions about contests

    just out of curiosity, what is something that you would consider modding for a chance at a free case, if anything?

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    questions about contests

    I was thinking something like, craziest/coolest/most original/most intricate window or something along those lines for a fan mod.

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    questions about contests

    I would be interested in a PSU mod contest. I'd like to see what people could create.

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    questions about contests

    It a good idea...we did something like that at the "other place" (gag...gag...) and I won it :-)

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    questions about contests

    lol, you should check that other places forums... feels like the place is startin to die.

    but you have any pics of it? when i make the contest official i wanna show a few modded PSUs to give a little inspiration

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    questions about contests

    I'd like to see what people could create.
    Yep same here would be interesting, the PS is often over looked.

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    questions about contests

    These two guides are based on our recent "Test PSU" guide, in it we show how to turn an old PSU into an external independent test PSU... Build the test PSU, mod the hell out of it and use it to power desk, monitor, mouse pad, keyboard, printer or speaker lighting mods, why limit the mods to the inside of your PC?

    How-To is here.

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    questions about contests

    thats a really good point on the PSU, i'm about to check that guide

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