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Thread: my computer for my shop

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    my computer for my shop

    hey how is everyone doing.This computer is for my computer shop.I build and fix computers on the side to make some extra money and this computer is from getting online checking my mail,ordering parts,and making the specs of the computer

    Aspire X-Cruiser mid-tower case
    i dont know how makes the motherboard and what kind of slot it is
    intel pentium 3 processor 448 mhz
    384mb of ram 3x128mb different name brands of ram
    12gb hdd dont know how makes it but is huge and old it is bigger the a cd-rom drive
    1 cd-burner
    1 dvd-rom
    1 floppy
    1 rounded el glow floppy cable
    1x120mm clear blue led fan
    4x80mm clear blue led fan
    2x12" blue ccl
    wireless internet card
    i got a car mouse
    Logisys 450 watt psu
    i painted the inside of the case red

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    my computer for my shop

    That's pretty nice, the colors flow together well. By the way, Thats a slot 1 motherboard and I think It's made by Intel.

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    my computer for my shop

    Cute mouse you have there, does it honk when you click? ha ha I like the colors of your lights, it's a good looking unit. Happy Modding to ya.

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    my computer for my shop

    thanks guys it turned out great even tho its a old computer but hey it does the job i need it to do.No the mouse dont honk.I like the mouse to it is something different


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    my computer for my shop

    There's a mod for you, make that mouse honk. ha ha ha Just messing around. As long as the computer does what you need it to do, then it's perfect. Still like your mouse. Happy Modding to ya.

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