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    Hi, i'm new to modding and I wanted to get a case put some lights in it for my computer. But, im not sure what I need and how to assemble it. I have a t6520 emachine, with a 350 psu.

    This is the case I wanted to get

    If someone could help me message me on aim : Kman8675 or post here.


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    hey amte, taht one would e a good start as it ahs windows in it all ready.

    if you want to be different look at some of the work logs or search google images(how i found this site}

    then try things, look around at the tip etc use your existing case, "pimp" it make it your own, or learn about pcs how i learnt, get a good friend that knows computers and pull it apart plug it back in, i built a pc this morning in about 10 minutes its easy when know what ur doing.

    to put your existing pc into this case its pretty simple, just remember what you unplugged from where and where it plugs back in

    cheers mk1

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    Yep like mad-mk1 said just take everything out of your case and put it in the new.

    There both atx case's so there shouldn't be any problem.

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    Now is the time to MOD a case. Since you will have 2 cases, then when you transfer everything over to the new case, take the old case and turn it into a work of art. It will be a learning experience for you and you'll have fun to boot. It is so much fun to take a piece of junk and turn it into a working, beautimus piece of equipment. With all of the how-to's and examples here on this site (not to mention on others) you can do it. Then be sure to take pics and post it in the worklog section here. Hope to see a new mod taking place soon with your name on it.

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    If you are going to get the case from xoxide, you can order lights with the case. Usually they just plug into an extra molex connection that you have coming from your psu. In case you don't know what a molex connection is, they are the little electrical plugs that you have going to the back of your hard drives, and disc drives. They are usually white in off the shelf systems like your emachines. If you look them up on google, I'm sure you can find a pic of what they look like if you need to.

    As far as moving the components from your emachines case to the new one, it's fairly simple. You don't even need to take the cpu and heatsink off the mobo. Just unhook all the connections from your motherboard, if you need to take a pic of the mobo before you unhook everything just so you have a reference when you go to install everything back together.

    I would keep your old case though, most of the time on off the shelf systems, the windows id code is on a sticker/decal somewhere on the case and you might need it in the future. Just take your time doing it. The worst way a new modder can screw up is to get in a hurry.

    Hope this helps a little, velspayne

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