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Thread: Mr. Kholl's LayerEX - RAM mod videoclip....

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    Mr. Kholl's LayerEX - RAM mod videoclip....

    Hello my bros from Modders-inc!

    This is my last project that I started last year. Today, I'm working on the release 2. I will show some logs and results of the release 1. I hope you like it.

    When I decided to mod the Stacker I had those topics in my mind:

    - It needs to be full reversible (no holes and no cuts on the original chassis and panels).
    - This time, no functional side panels.
    - It needs to be watercooled.
    - Functions on the front
    - The case could be skinnable

    The challenge (and the fun) was: How to create reversible and skinnable mod?

    The answer is: External panels in plexi w/ quick attach and detach features (velcro).

    This is the the preview of the classic skin (silver) that I made in photoshop:

    Worklog Index:

    1. Modding the Aquagate
    2. Modding the Corsair Memory Display
    3. Creating the external panels
    4. Custom front bays

    5. Displays

    6. Release 2 what's next....

    1. Modding the Aquagate

    I decided to add a second radiator to the aquagate.

    So, I used this old cooldrive case (cooldrive 2
    ) for the base:

    I replaced the original fan of the aquagate for this quiet one:

    The quick connection kit (with o-ring) that I used:

    I decided to keep the original quick connect feature of the aquagate.

    Creating the the second radiator supports:

    The base:

    Ok, the second radiator is attached:

    I had to decrease the size of the aquagate:


    The new module is done:

    Time to change the backlight of the LCD:

    My god...It's little!!!

    Soldering SMD Leds.... it's hard!

    Blocking the original blue SMD led of the LCD and the new led (White):

    With the red filter, it's done:

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    Mr. Kholl's LayerEX - RAM mod videoclip....

    2. Modding the Corsair Memory Display

    I decided to put the diplay module of the Xpert memory on the front bay, so I had to create a extension cable:

    I used: Ribbon cable, sleeving, shring tube, pin bars, latch connectors, and a universal PCB:

    Creating the cable:

    No longer flat cable:


    The pcb (for the support):


    It's done...

    ...And working:

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    Mr. Kholl's LayerEX - RAM mod videoclip....

    3. Creating the external panels

    I used my method to cut the side panel: Die-cut vinyl as template (it's cheap...I can't resist

    3 sheets to keep it firm and to get 3 panels at the end of the cutting (3 skins):




    Goodbye spines...I left this idea:

    Main cuts are done:

    Time to finishing:

    Yes! the 3 panels:

    Time to do the corrections:

    and smooth:

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    Mr. Kholl's LayerEX - RAM mod videoclip....

    3b. Front Panels

    For the front panels I chose free hand because the rounded shape of the stacker front bezel.

    Transparent film to draw the panels:

    Hard draw is done:

    Time to transfer it to the plexi sheet:

    Then.... the cuts:

    Bottom display frame:

    Top Display Mask:


    ...and molding (with heat):

    Ok, the panels are done:

    Primed and corrected imperfections:


    Silver coat:

    The side panel almost done (with the meshes, PetG window and decals):

    Regarding that I decided to not make holes on the stacker I chose velcro to attach the panels (I used this 10mm foam to avoid dust)

    Once the panels are in plexi (and the transparent part in PetG) and the meshes in aluminum, the panels are very light. The result is fine, and I can take off the panel any time.

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    Mr. Kholl's LayerEX - RAM mod videoclip....

    4. Custom front bays

    One question asked by one sponsor of mine (Performance-pcs
    ) changed the whole concept of the front bays that I was projected originaly: "Hey Mr. Kholl, I will send some parts to cut in laser, do you want cut something?".....ohhh!!of course!!! it's a dream!! hehehe so I drew the bays:

    1. DVD
    2. Aquagate cover
    3. Memory display cover
    4. Card reader
    5. Baybus (4x fan controller + aquagate lcd/control module)
    6. HDD meter

    The result was GREAT!!!


    Dark silver coat:

    I decided to create the bays cases using those old cd-row cases:

    - Building the baybus:

    Not so beautiful, but, works!

    Pots support:

    It Works!

    I made a simple 4x fan controller with tip 31c:

    alt="" />

    - Building the memory display case:

    Primer...and Black coat:

    I created those photolit masks for the details of the covers:

    And painted one by one with uv paint:

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    Mr. Kholl's LayerEX - RAM mod videoclip....

    5. Displays

    My plan was to use two displays in this project: one 240x128 Electroluminescent Display from Planar (on the bottom panel) and one 4" TFT Color in 16:9 ratio (on the top panel).

    Unfortunately, until now, the Color TFT still haven't, I will update this pics later.

    Thanks for Planar
    that sent me this beautiful display:

    Thanks for Samtec to provide me the cable for this special connector (2mm pin space):

    Creating the supports for the displays:

    I decided to create 2 bars in plexi for each display and mold it with heat.

    Fits perfect!

    Again, regarding the fact that I wouldn't make any hole on the stacker covers, I used this simple solution to attach the displays:

    Easy, firm and safe:


    I decided to create a simple pcb to wire up the display.

    The original idea was a custom connector (I had to left it! not so firm):

    From flat to round / Sleeving (Techflex sleeve with 3M reflective monofilament):

    Final version (direct soldering.....I lost my patience checking the, this is the safe way):

    I used LCDStudio 2.0 to control the display. I made 3 simple designs with real data:

    - System (general info about the pc)
    - Online (real time infos: POP3 reader - Last e-mails / Weather info / RSS reader - Last news)
    - Storage (info about the HDDs)

    I'm working on the Winamp design

    Some shots:

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    Mr. Kholl's LayerEX - RAM mod videoclip....

    6. Release 1 Result

    Note that is just a test, many things will be fixed in the next release.

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    Mr. Kholl's LayerEX - RAM mod videoclip....

    7. Release 2 - What's next?

    - Attach the front panels (with the 2 displays):

    - Fix the tubing (both aesthetic and functional factors);

    - Wiring and cable organization;

    - Darken the original panels (anodizing);

    - Darken the interior;

    - Light controls on the baybus;

    - Fix the DVD mask (it's damaged);

    - Clear coat and polishing on the external panels (plexi);

    - Black mask for the card reader;

    - More 2 skins (red and yellow);


    That's it, I hope you like! see you soon my friends... :thumb:

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    Mr. Kholl's LayerEX - RAM mod videoclip....

    Holy Moly, bring me my nitro tablets. Seeing those cases blew me away. They are beautimus, words can't describe how well they look. You out did yourself this time and to think you did it without having to cut up the case. Fantastic, I bow to the KING of plexi. You know how to work that stuff to do what you want it to do. I don't want to forget what you did to the memory, that is just awesome. The outcome is just fantastic, I'm still drooling, I can't stop. Oh man, you have some talent and the ideas that come into mind is just fantastic. I guess I better shutup and end this but I'm glad that you are a member with us and that you are kind enough to share with us the how-to on your modding of cases. Thank you and Happy Modding to ya.

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    Mr. Kholl's LayerEX - RAM mod videoclip....

    Would you mind making a worklog on how to make the fan controller that you have in this build? It looks like a very cool setup to do. Happy Modding to ya.

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