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Thread: warm LEDs

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    warm LEDs

    now i dont know a whole lot about LEDs, i understand how to wire them easily enough, but heres the situation, I'm putting a couple LEDs in my mouse. I have 2x 5v LEDs. now they worked fine, i tried them for about 30 seconds to a minute but after the test i noticed they were kinda warm. Is this something i should be concerned about or just something i should have expected? The box says typical voltage is 5v, max is 6v. So they should be able to do this np, but wanted some feedback on what you guys though about it.

    I was also told to get a resister to balance the amperage, but when i put this into the metkumods resistor calculator, It said i needed a 0watt, 1 ohm resister, does that sound right to anyone?

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    warm LEDs

    lol 0 watt 1 ohm, interesting :P

    are you sure that those are 5V LEDs? because the normal LED's I've seen are 3.6V and they use areound 20 miliamps, depends on color

    and yes, mine get warm sometimes too, I just increase the resistor a bit but in your case heh.. dunno :-/

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    warm LEDs

    LEDs do put off heat. If using 5v leds and supplying power from the 5v line you might not need the resistors. Its not like your going to put 6+ volts through it unless the PSU goes haywire... but then you will prob have other more serious problems.

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    warm LEDs

    According to physics, everything is going to put off heat. I won't go into detail, but that's why there's no such thing as a free energy machine.

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    warm LEDs

    yup, SplitLip is right

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    warm LEDs

    thanks, this is what i thought. I got the 5v LEDs so i wouldn't have to use resisters, lol. Tonight i'm just going to leave the LEDs running all night. If they're still there by tomorrow then they pass the test, lol

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    warm LEDs

    else, you're gonna get nothing left there :P

    well maybe the cables...

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    warm LEDs

    eh, it's the price i pay, lol

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    warm LEDs


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