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Thread: looking for some feedback

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    looking for some feedback

    I'm looking at hosting a contest on my site for a PSU modding contest. I decided to go this way because people liked the idea. So now i'm starting to set it up and i'd like some feedback again before i officially start the contest. The prizes i'm looking at offering are a mid sized case as well as a 1gb thumbdrive (might be all together or first prize and second).

    I have an official thread here, but i'm not asking anyone to sign up to talk about it, i'm actually 100% happy with keeping it all local here, i really dont want to give an impression that i'm fishing for members, i'm just looking for feedback.

    So what do you guys think about the duration for a PSU modding contest and what do you guys think abou tthe prizes? They're all debatable right now. Tonight i'll find the pics of each, right now i'm sitting in class so i dont have access to them :P

    but like i said, i'd really love some feedback on this.

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    looking for some feedback

    What kind of modding do you have in mind?
    Do they have to be in their original cases?

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    looking for some feedback

    i dont see why it would have to be. As long as you start with a PSU and end with something that still functions as a PSU, lol.

    Do it like AmericanFreak and feel free to make an entirly new enclosure
    I haven't made any of it official yet but as of this moment the only rule i'm looking at having in place would be that you cant start with a premodded psu, like the most i'd allow would be a psu thats already painted. I wouldn't want the psu to have much if anything else more then that.

    from there you'd be able to do whatever you want to it.
    I thought this was a cool idea because who doesn't have a spare PSU thats unmodded? And PSUs dont get the modding attention they deserve, lol.

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    looking for some feedback

    Actually.. I just imagined a very good idea for this contest. About how long are you planning on giving people to do it? Also, would you allow someone (like me) to start with a modular PSU? I don't have much choice about it, it's the only PSU I have that is powerful enough to run my pc.

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    looking for some feedback

    btw, how about the wires, do there still need to be so many or can we use thicker and less wires? If that's allowed on a starting PSU I mean - the PUS I'd go with would be like that, if that's allowed.. lol

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    looking for some feedback

    Well I would say you have a good start on the idea and I think its pretty simple....

    I think the rules are already set "Mod a PSU" me that means any PSU and any crazy idea you can come up with.

    I would say 2 weeks to pump out news about the contest and then run it for a minimum of 30 days.

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    looking for some feedback

    yeah i think modular should be allowed. i'd just draw the line at the ones that have windows and such in them already. I'd still want a before pic for comparison posted when i do this contest though :P

    and just because i know that so many of us are still in college and/or work like crazy at jobs, i'd prolly run it for a month and a half, because i know how crazy things can get with all that

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