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Thread: Swaping cases? and other questions.

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    Swaping cases? and other questions.

    I just got a Gateway GT5404 about a week ago and I'm worried that it'll overheat in its small case, since there is only 1 spot(that i can see) to mount an extra 80mm fan, so I was wondering about getting a different case for it. Though because Im a bit short on extra spending money I probably cant afford one so I am wondering about alternative things I can do for a case.

    I have seen a few plexi-glass cases and I was wondering How much they cost to make, as well as things I should know about making one.

    Another question I have is about the "15 in 1 digital media manager" I was wondering if there is any special way to unhook it and if there are any programs I would have to un-install, I have no use for it and all it is, is extra wires.

    The fan for my CPU is loud and I want to replace it, problem is it has one of those plastic things that direct the air to it and its blocking the screws for the fan, does anyone know how to take of the plastic thing?

    Also I love the power button on the comp, but i find the LED is a bit too bright, how can I dim it down?

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    Swaping cases? and other questions.

    I can answer a few of your questions.

    1.A case is nothing but an object to hold other objects. You can see what I mean by checking out some of the worklogs here on site. I found a old broken cash register in a junk pile and put a computer into it.

    2. The Plexy cases can run from $60.00-$160.00USD, the price can depend upon the quality of the materials, to who is selling it.

    3. This 15-1 digital media manager is it a memory card reader for the various memory cards from cell phones or digital cameras and stuff like that? If it is you should be able to just unplug it from the motherboard without any problems and as far as any programs to un-install I don't think there are any but I don't know much about what Gateway puts into their computers. Now onto the CPU fan. That plastic air director should be able to remove it just by releasing some plastic tabs where the plastic meets most likely somewhere on the frame. Just release those tabs and you should be able to remove the air director and have access to your fan screws. Toning down the power LED is just a matter of soldering a resistor between the LED and the plug which plugs onto the motherboard. What size of resister really depends on how much dimmer you want the LED to be. There is a guide on this site for setting up resistors to LEDs. Check the guide out to get you started. I hope I helped you with some of your questions. AND WELCOME to MI!!

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    Swaping cases? and other questions.

    Thanks for the quick reply, you answered pretty much all of my questions.

    I'll take a look at the worklogs soon.

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    Swaping cases? and other questions.

    Great, glad I could help. You will see some mighty fine work in the worklog section and they just might spur up a idea or two. You can basically do what ever you can think of. Just make the room for each part. Maybe a theme case or something like that. I'm sure you'll come up with something. Happy Modding to ya.

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    Swaping cases? and other questions.

    You will want to keep in mind. Doing these could possibly void your warranty. I know most of us modders say to hell with warranties and have no problems in voiding them. Most of the stuff we do it to is one piece of hardware or so forth. Not a complete system.

    Bilko covered just about everything else and welcome to MI.

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    Swaping cases? and other questions.

    If I didnt want to void my warranty I would have just kept it inside its box that it came in

    Besides, Im sure I can explain to them that all I wanted to do was give the comp a better "life" by putting it into a case that got better airflow than the small and cramped POS its in now.

    Though the comp giants should let you pic the size of the case...then again thats like guys being able to ask for a larger penis...chances are it's not gonna happen any time soon. XD

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