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Thread: Making an Acrylic case

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    Making an Acrylic case

    Im not sure how many of you have made one, but I'd figure I'd ask.

    1.)Is there a certain width of acrylic I should use? Most of the stuff here is 1/4 of an inch maybe even less, but they also have a few thicker ones too

    2.)I'll be unable to bend the Acrylic due to lack of tools, what would be the best way for me to make the case(like what would be the best cuts to use for corners ect ect)

    3,)Are there any other ways to bend Acrylic other than whats mentioned in the guide?

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    Making an Acrylic case

    i haven'tread the guide but i've been able to bend small sections with a heat gun. I've also seen acrylic bending kits sold online, i'm sure if you google "acrylic bending kit" you'll get a couple of hits

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    Making an Acrylic case

    I'd buy one but I really dont have the money, that and I usually dont buy something if I'm going to use it a few times, I might have a method that might work, but I'd have to try it on some scrap first, I'll let you guys know later.

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    Making an Acrylic case

    tools aren't everything....

    check this out for bending for odd shapes. Mod your Mouse

    for a case with square cuts check Americanfreak's giude. Test PSU
    The plexi work starts on page two, but the giude is a good read all the way though.


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    Making an Acrylic case

    Good luck with what ever route you take with this project. I've never worked with plex but I've seen the results of others and I'm sure that if you post when ever you hit a snag, there will be someone to give the needed advice to get you over the hump. So until the next time, Good luck and keep us posted. Happy Modding to ya.

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    Making an Acrylic case

    Sheldog23 is our master of acrylic here and his guide on bending the acrylic is the best way to do it. You can also use a heat gun, but with larger pieces it can get tricky.

    I used LEXAN to create my case Ludic Dream (CPU Mag 2006)

    LEXAN is really strong stuff, but really exspensive.

    You will need to create your own way to put the pieces together and there are many different ways people have done it. Some used metal brackets and other used pieces of acrylic. I used Stainless Steel screw right into the LEXAN.

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    Making an Acrylic case

    ahh and how much exactly time it took to be made....?

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    Making an Acrylic case

    umm lexane is...
    my uncle owns a CNC Laser cutting machine and he cuts everything else but Lexan, he says that Lexan is way too cancerogene (you can get cancer!!) to be cut with a laser, not sure if that goes to the dust at cutting but...

    Be carefull!!

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    Making an Acrylic case

    Lexan can be bent by a metal brake, figure out were you want the cuts and brakes, take to a metal shop, they can shear it and brake it but, it must be lexan, acrylic and lucite (stuff lowes sells) will shatter. I know because I have done it at work.

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