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Thread: My PSU Contest Mod

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    My PSU Contest Mod

    Alright guys, even though I'm not going to take any prizes for myself, I'm still entering , after all, waht kinda contest would it be if i just sat by doing nothing? lol. Well here is the PSU that i'm going to be modding.

    This is relativly unmodded. I few wires have been sleeved. And the two fans were swapped with blue fans, no leds. lol did this as a necessity as one of the fans was so clogged with dust that it wouldn't spin anymore.

    So far i've been rolling some ideas around in my head, nothing to spectacular, but nice. I was this design to look pretty complete so I'm trying to come up with ideas that just build off of each other.

    Current Ideas
    - Sand down the outer frame ans polish it, giving a chrome look.
    - Etch a dragon on the side.
    - I have a bit of steel mesh so i want to do something cool with that as well.
    - maybe paint instead of the chroming? not sure how well it'll work with the etching.

    well those are my base ideas. hope they if nothing else inspire some other ideas for my stuff and yours.

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    My PSU Contest Mod

    Well i've started some layouts for this PSU. I'm not going to go into paint color because i'm going to want to make my cuts first. but this is what i'm looking at for the cuts..

    All the black will be cut out. beneath the words will be plexi, and beneath that center cut will be steel mesh. for the O's and D's i plan to simply glue the metal ontop of the plexi to keep the letter looking normal.

    For the center of the pic i'm not sure if it looks as clear as i was hoping, but it's susposed to be two smoke stacks from a nuclear plant. I figured that'd go along pretty well with the whole FusionMods thing, lol.

    Oh and since the stacks will still be the metal frame, i'm going to use my etching bit and kinda trace a smoke stack onto it so that it's more clearly seen. so thats what the gray lines are.

    Heres some quick not so amazing overlays..

    I also have some more ideas that i'll be implimenting on the sides. but i have to save something for later,

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    My PSU Contest Mod

    Update? If I were you I'd put a ring around the mesh or something so it doesn't look like a big "m".

    P.S. Please Please Please don't paint it 'John Deere Green'! I hate that color..... but it's your mod, so do what you want.

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    My PSU Contest Mod

    How about British Racing Green. I like that green. Faceless105 keep up the good work and the photos. You know I like pics. Keep it going for us. Happy Modding to ya.

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    My PSU Contest Mod

    every green is nice green, tho I prefer a little darker green.. (military for instance)

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