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Thread: SliverStone Lascala 17, LC17B HTPC Case

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    SliverStone Lascala 17, LC17B HTPC Case

    The Lascala LC17 is great on looks, performance, flexibility, and functionality. Sliverstone's attention to detail and quality are outstanding, from the packaging, the manual, to even the amount of screws. This case's ability to hold full-size components will work great now and serve you well for years to come.

    Read the review here

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    SliverStone Lascala 17, LC17B HTPC Case

    Outstanding review and I'm impressed with how consistent the temps stayed all thru the testing, be it with or without the extra fans. I agree that this unit is given the MUST HAVE award. Very nice review.

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    SliverStone Lascala 17, LC17B HTPC Case

    Nice Review Krystal...

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