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Thread: new comp for moms work

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    new comp for moms work

    Wanted to know what you guys would think about this set up. Its for her new job doing paper work and pay roll stuff like that no gaming.

    Asus DVD Burner $28.99

    Rosewill case with PS $23.99

    WD HDD 120Gb X2 ( for a raid config) $105.98

    ViewSonic 17" LCD $153.99

    DCT Factory KB $3.99

    DCT Factory mouse $3.99

    Patriot 1GB DDR2 memory stick $73.99

    AMD Athlon 64 X2 3600+ Brisbane 1.9GHz
    The mobo and cpu are a combo for $139.99
    BIOSTAR AM2 NVIDIA GeForce 6100 AMD Motherboard

    With shipping the total is only 576.75 I'll Make 123.25 off it.
    What do you guys think?

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    new comp for moms work

    Looks good, although a couple of things you will want to consider are:
    the cost of MS office (unless you already have it, or expect to explain what Open Office is)
    the cost of Windows, or the time involved in explaining linux. (I am assuming your mother isnt a particularly advanced computer user)

    And of course both of those are invalid if her work has a Bulk license for MS products.

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    new comp for moms work

    Her boss said not to include the software. He already owns office and windows. Soo all i have to do is install it.

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    new comp for moms work

    Sounds like a good set up to me. should be able to fly through word doc's....maybe benchmark

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    new comp for moms work

    I will AF, im gonna load a couple of games on it to see what it will do too.

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    new comp for moms work

    From what I know about office machine, she'll have a screamer. Happy Modding to ya.

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    new comp for moms work

    Not a bad setup for an office.. Reasonably priced

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    new comp for moms work

    just a question.. I have 2×Patriot 512MB RAM too (DDR2)

    is Patriot any good? because in some games the tilesets are weird..

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    new comp for moms work

    I use Patriot memory in my gaming machine Red Lantern and haven't had any problems what so ever. I like it, plus it came with heatsinks on each stick.

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    new comp for moms work

    Yep, heatsinks, blue ones :P

    tho, I know that it's my RAM that bugs my game's graphics :/

    any ideas how to test it? I have memtest or something, I've ran it for like 3 days and nothing..
    any way to test whole PC?

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