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Thread: Notebook LCD Swap

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    Notebook LCD Swap

    Hi, I'm trying to swap an LCD from an HP Notebook to a Dell notebook. I have a few questions:

    1. Are notebook inverters LCD unique or Notebook Unique? In otherwords, would the inverter that was in the HP go into the Dell along with the screen, or would I use the inverter that came with the Dell?

    I have a feeling that inverters are meant to stick to the screen they are paired with, but I could be wrong.

    2. I'm trying to find a female to female adapter for this kind of connector:

    Does anyone know what kind of connector this is and where I can get an adapter for it?


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    Notebook LCD Swap

    First of all, welcome to Modders-inc

    I think that id'd be the best to use the inverter that came with the LCD because different LCDs can have different voltages and all.

    And for the connector, I'm not from the US or UK or any of those big countries so I can't really help you there.. O know I've seen this connector on the back of some laptop CD-ROMs (readers) and even my mom's Del has it (Latitude D505), but I'm not sure how many pins it has. Else, if you don't find it (wich I doubt that you can't) you could probably get some old connectors and manually solder them together, wire by wire (pin by pin :P)

    Hope this is of any help

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    Notebook LCD Swap

    Thanks for the reply. I thought about putting on a new connector as you mentioned, but the amount of wires is crazy. I think there is 40-44 pins, and the wires are super small....

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    Notebook LCD Swap

    Hmm that sure sucks :-/

    Try looking at stores first or somewhere, other guys might help more on this

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    Notebook LCD Swap

    Wowza is that a lot of pins. Try or googling for connectors sold by electric-stuff selling places.

    Your assumption in #1 is right, but I'm sure there are a few exceptions (2 dell lcds that run off the same inverter). Inverters are pretty specific in output/input and input/output connectors. Welcome to MI!

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