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Thread: I hope someone here can help

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    I hope someone here can help

    I have been to so many sites and forum and until today I was not really getting any good answers.

    My Rig

    Motherboard: Abit IC7-G
    CPU:3.2G p4
    RAM: 2x512 Dual DDR 400 Corsair xms
    Video Card:X1950Pro agp512 Sapphire brand
    PSU:Thermaltake Tough power W0116RU ATX 12V 2.2 & EPS 12V version 750W Power Supply 100 - 240 V CE, CB, TUV, FCC, UL, CUL, and BSMI certified - Retail Bought just for this card for $200
    Monitor:Viewsonic 19" CRT
    Hard drives:main wd 80g sata150 2nd wd200g sata150
    Optical Drives:sony dvd rom and nec 2510 dvd burner
    Additional PCI cards:Sound blaster audigy live
    Number of fans present:7 case fans 4 intakes 3 exhaust
    CPU cooler is the monster CPNS9500 LED
    and a coolmaster northbridge cooler

    Alright now for the problems...oops set up first. I fresh installed xp and loaded the ati 7.2 drivers and used ATI tray tools.
    I have ran the full gamma of 3dmark06 and came out with a score of 6880 ran it again and it was 5200.*?* Umm not real happy with the scores but when ran with my old 9600xt256 I scored 560 LOL. No glitches or anything funny when running 3dmark06 so I think huh, the card must be good besides the low scores.
    When I tried to use CCC to set autotest over clocking it immediatly crashes the system. When I reboot I have to completely unplugg from the wall(hard reset). Also sometimes no matter what I am doing out of the blue my screen completely freezes nothing will move or work and I can be just checking email. Then I do the hold the power button for 7 seconds. Sometimes it will reboot and I will have a screen and sometimes I have to reboot several times to get a screen I hear the motherboard beep and start up. When I have no screen it seems like other things are trying to work. Last but not least when I try to play my fav game bf2 about 5 minutes in it freezes up and makes a horrible screeching noise thru my speakers.

    OK so every where I go they are telling me that my brand new 750w powersupply is no good for my application because I need either 2 12v 22amp or 1 30-40 amp 12 rail I have 4 12v 18 amp rails but I am told 2 are dedicated to the PCI e plugs which I can not use. My x1950 needs 2 molex plugs.
    So what I was thinking of doing was to modify the PCIE pigtail into a molex and then plug in my card and I would be on seperate rails right? But in this forum today I found a post for a different problem but I think the fix would work for me....I could use my old thermaltake 480 30 amp rail and use it to just power the video card right.....does this sound like a good choice? so everything including the MB and fans would be on the new psu and only the vid on the old. This is the post So, our AGP card has a molex connector on the video card itself? I would also choose the second power supply option.


    Useful Wiring Diagram:
    by foserfun

    Or maybe someone here can tell me if my nice new 200 dollar supply is already sufficient! w0116ru 750w...............Thanks in advance and please help me I need to rma the card or the psu or both quickly as my 30 days are almost up!! :?

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    I hope someone here can help

    grab an ultra power supply/ocz/enermax. Those are all damn good brands and you shouldn't experience problems with them. I have an enermax, my bro has an enermax and neither crashes. a good friend has a mushkin and it's treated him really well, e6300, p5b, 2gb RAM, 1950pro.

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    I hope someone here can help

    erm, from the sounds of it (pesonal exsperience) id say it could be more then just your graphics car, ever thought about your hard drive? i had all the same problems but with a nvidia card, turns out it was my hard drive, anyhow try a different hard drive if you have one spare load all the same apps onto it including windows, then try that out i know its time consuming but at least then you can see if it is your hard drive, if it still does the same thing, i would then try a different graphics card say a nvidia as i have come across some motherboards that dont like ceartain cards heck knows why but eh thats technolgy hey? anyways if it still playing up after that, i would look into getting a new psu and if all else fails, give up sell the parts build a new system lol,
    well anyways hope this info helps you out mate btw, welcome to da site

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    I hope someone here can help

    Well before I go changing everything in the book I would do some basic troubleshooting. Disconnect anything that does not have to be connected. Extra hdds, fans, ligths, and optical drives. Power it up and see how it acts. I am not a fan of TT PSU's but am not 100% certain that is your problem either.

    The 3DMark06 score doesn't sound to low to me, AF has done reviews on the Pro and the Ultimate and yours is with in reason of those (depending on exact settings and dif hardware).

    Not sure if they make a PCI-E to Molex adaptor but the idea is possible I guess. Need to figure out first if it is in fact a power issue and not a card / driver issue. I would also drop back one step on the CCC drivers and see how they respond.

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    I hope someone here can help

    what I am going to try
    So what do you think
    So as not to void the new psu warauntee I am going to disconnect the 2 molex connectors to my agp. Then connect one of those open molexs to a jumper or Y then cut the jumper and grab the 12volt and ground and run to a 12 relay. See you need the Good ON to ground out pin 14 and 15 I believe. but I do not want to modify the new harness(and debunk the warauntee). So with an add on jumper going to the relay I then take my old psu and connect pin 14 to ground and run pin 15 to the normally open relay. I take my old 30amp 12v rail and supply just the molexs to the video card. Now in theory when the "Good on" triggers the 12 volts on the new PSU molexs it closes the relay and grounds the "good on" on the 2nd psu in turn send 12 volts to the video card. WHEW did I explain that right and what do you think?

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    I hope someone here can help

    Correct me if I'm wrong. Your going to try to make a dual power supply setup. Is this correct?

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    I hope someone here can help

    That is correct earlier up in this post I copied a post found on this website posted by foserfun I believe.
    you can look and they show you how to jump together 14 and 15 from the connection to the Motherboard on both PSU's well that would mean cutting the new PSU and void the Warrantee . So what I am going to do is what I stated up above basically read 12 volts from new supply to trigger 14 and 15 thru a relay basically doing the same thing to get the old supply to fire 12 volts to the molexs! so my x1950pro will be the only item on my 480w 30 amp psu. See you plug the psu in and you will not get 12 volts on the molexs till 14 sorts to 15 (ground) this is done thru a mobo command or trigger. so I will supply 12 and g(from new psu) to the contact side of relay. Then connect 14(old psu) to ground of new PSU on relay then put 15(old psu) to the normally open side of relay. When the new psu send 12v down the molexs it will close the relay and 15(old psu) will be shorted to ground which in turn allows the 2nd psu to send power to its molexs.... confused yet. I will take photos and show drawing and tell you how it went if interested to know.

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    I hope someone here can help

    Super, can't wait to see the pics of this job. To me this is really a sweet mod and I hope you take plenty of pics to show us how you did it. Two power supplies in one case will be the cat's meow. Happy Modding to ya.

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    I hope someone here can help

    it does kind of seem odd that a 750 w dosent have enough power/amps.

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    I hope someone here can help

    dual PSU's is do'able...
    Follow Tazz's diagnostics though. run the machine on the bare minimum components. See how it behaves.

    Check your RAM timings and the voltage being supplied. You could have under or over volted memory, or timings that SPD did not properly relay to the BIOS. Make sure your RAM is properly clocked, and supplied.

    Also, download Memtest86 in an ISO format and burn it to a CD. Boot off of that and let hte tests run for 24 hours. See if you have any errors in your RAM. I just got don fighting with my machine for 2 months, only to figure out that is was intermittant RAM. My Crucial Ballistix Tracers were causing my locks/reboots/crasehing. Crucial is warantee'ing them right now. But I replaced them with my OCZ modules that I had and my stability issues went bye bye. Unfortunately now though, my OS is hosed, so I have to reinstall through the proper functioning RAM and get my apps and OS working nice and smooth.

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