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Thread: BIG RED Delorian door MOD.

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    BIG RED Delorian door MOD.

    I also was going to make the side door function in a tribute to "Back to the Future " the beloved Delorian
    but mine will be motorized with a similar vandal switch for operation.

    The funny thing is now that I have this image posted, It reminds me or a about a year ago that I was brainstorming with a friend that has a pc repair/build shop. I was giving him some ideas on some mods. I recall one of them being a simulated "Fluxcapacitor"

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    BIG RED Delorian door MOD.

    Now that is cool!!! Does it really make the car go faster? Happy Modding to ya.

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    BIG RED Delorian door MOD.

    "Disconnect capacitor drive before opening"


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