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Thread: DB's First Time ... Can You Remember Yours?

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    DB's First Time ... Can You Remember Yours?

    My first (and only) mod ... I know that it's pretty tame compared to the stuff here, but I do like it
    Raidmax Scorpio 868 case (mod done in 2005 (I think))
    ... pretty ugly inside ... first, drill out rivets and disassemble the case and start cutting out the hard drive trays , painting them blue and painting the inside yellow to match the outside of the case

    This is what I started with .. ugly gray

    Name:  Computer 1.jpg
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    Cut out the fan holes and installed the first of a total of 8 case fans ...

    cut out the hard drive, & optical drive rack, opened up motherboard tray for cooling ...

    and spent the next month routing, and re-routing the wiring until I got this ...

    Note: this case did NOT have a top window
    a picture of the case side was stretched and narrowed to make a template, the opening was cut by hand with nibbler, and factory hardware obtained from another side window and used on top - outside of case has not been repainted

    OK, what do you do with left over sleeve? ; )

    My list of stuff done ...
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    DB's First Time ... Can You Remember Yours?

    now for a small mod, i think you have done a brillant job of it and as for your wireing that is some amazing work you have going on in there! brillant work db

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    DB's First Time ... Can You Remember Yours?

    Outstanding mod you did there. I for one won't call that not much, you did a beautimus job on your wiring and cutting the top like you did. You get a capital A for a job well done. Happy Modding to ya.

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    DB's First Time ... Can You Remember Yours?

    Nice cut on top! And I like the way you've hidden those wires too

    Great job

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    DB's First Time ... Can You Remember Yours?

    Thats great. Now you need to attach a holder for either the active noise canceling mic/speaker setup, the Noise canceling headphones, or a nice pair of earplugs to cover that jet noise. XD

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    DB's First Time ... Can You Remember Yours?

    Dude that's sick! Where have you been? Gorgeous case!

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    DB's First Time ... Can You Remember Yours?

    I have ALWAYS thought the wiring is the best I have ever seen!

    Thanks for posting it up DB, was wondering when you where going to do it.

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    DB's First Time ... Can You Remember Yours?

    Nice sleeving, I need to do the same with my wires, especially with the ammount of USB powered things that i have, I currently got 8 different wires in back and thats not including whats plugged into my sound card.

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    DB's First Time ... Can You Remember Yours?

    thats pretty sweet, i reall ylike the color themeing as well. and the inside of your door, pretty origional

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    DB's First Time ... Can You Remember Yours?

    Thanks guys , I am not a great modder, but I do like to mess with details .. to the point of printing out a life-size pic of my motherboard before I even purchased it and taping it to the tray, just so I could mess with the wiring

    A note on all those fans: 2 are run by the motherboard (top & side) and the 4 front & 2 rear ones are switchable from 12v, to thermal control by the power supply (sounds like 5v) and 2 in hard drive cooler are 5v ... 14 fans in total 8O ... as soon as I get rid of the stock "hair dryer" on the X800XT, it will go back to being very quiet (pics are with my old 9800Pro and Arctic Cooling Silencer)

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