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Thread: DB's First Time ... Can You Remember Yours?

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    DB's First Time ... Can You Remember Yours?

    Agrees with Sheldog. There have been may of time that I have talk about the excellent wiring job you have done.

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    DB's First Time ... Can You Remember Yours?

    Small update on my hardware

    ... over the course of time (and PSU failure) I have upgraded some of it

    CPU ................ Prescott P4 3.0 running at 3.7Ghz
    Graphics ......... HIS IceQ3 HD 3850 AGP
    Power Supply .. Antec 750

    I know, a P4?? ... AGP !!???

    It's the best I can do right now and this gets me by on the new games with DX10 and Pixel Shader 3.0
    I see all the incredible work that is posted here with some really nice hardware and wish I could upgrade.
    ... I still like the case , I just would love to redo the hardware

    (I do "build" an LGA 1366 rig every so often from parts at New Egg

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    DB's First Time ... Can You Remember Yours?

    Wow buddy that is some slick wiring! This is almost something to go by when wiring up a case.

    Thanks for bringing this back to light as its pretty sweet rig man!

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    DB's First Time ... Can You Remember Yours?

    Thank you

    I started it in late 03, and was finished in 2004
    I think my inspiration for the wiring came from reading flying magazine and seeing the tied and branching wiring harness bundles in aircraft

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    Working on getting it all routed like I want , still have more work to do on the backside (disregard the chipped paint on the motherboard tray, I'll be touching it up - made the hole bigger for better cooling and subsequent chipset heatsink additions)
    and I'm waiting on my graphics card to get here

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    did some more work on the back wiring, but I need my graphics card to arrive before I can finalize it .. I did add some chipset heatsinks to the motherboard .. found a place on Ebay that can supply them for good prices .. $3 for 12 small 9mm square ones, $3 for 10 12mm ones .. all blue anodized (I made an offer)
    Cooling Day on eBay (they have other things too)
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    my purchased equipment list ...
    by being patient , watching for, and purchasing most during Newegg ShellShocker Deals ... $1865 for the below (income tax refund money)

    MSI R9 390 8Gb Gaming
    Corsair Vengeance memory 32Gb
    Cooler Master Gel Maker Nano thermal paste
    LG 29" 2580x1024 Ultra Wide Monitor
    EVGA 850w gold PSU
    LG Blueray Player/Burner
    CyberPower 810W battery computer backup (something many do not consider is that a surge protector will not protect your equipment from voltage issues from the power company, like a power failure , or low voltage during a brownout)
    ASUS Z170 Mark 1 Sabertooth
    Logitec 5.1 channel sound system
    Seagate 1 TB hard drive
    Crucial 500Gb M2 SSD
    CM Storm Quickfire Rapid i 4040 White LED keyboard
    Intel i5 6600K
    Noctua NH C14S cooler
    2 Phanteks PWM fan hubs (allows PWM control of 3 pin fans)
    Windows 10
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