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Thread: My New Job

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    My New Job

    So tomorrow I start my new job. I'm going to be trained as an office manager and i'm also going to double as a bit of an IT guy. The real cool thing is the company will need websites designed from time to time (which is something i enjoy doing) and if i feel like doing them i'll get paid some extra for them

    The job is for a place that as far as i know sets up other home health care businesses, makes sure everything is setup legally, they're prepared to open, and all that fun stuff. So I'm looking forward to this because it's a huge jump compared to my summer job that i've been doing, lol.

    just felt like sharing it with you all

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    My New Job

    Great news! Welcome to the world of full-time employment.

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    My New Job

    haha thanks. it's prolly going to kill me because i'm going to school too, but pffft, i need to move outta my parents house, hahaha

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    My New Job

    Congrats on the new job faceless105

    "sets up other home health care businesses"
    Sounds interesting throw some details when you get more info. always people wanting to do work at home I know a few lol

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    My New Job

    thanks. I'm looking forward to it because it gives me something decent on my resume. I'm pretty big on effeciency too and i know that was something they were looking for. Hopefully while i'm there i get an idea for a cool program to make.

    lol. i'm a bit of a nerd and i like making my own side projects but it's hard coming up with ideas for things that are actually useful. Last one i did was for my summer job, i made a php site that stored employees names in a db then generated schedules based upon their availability. you could change the schedule on the fly incase people weren't able to make it and i also had it setup to send out copies of the schedules to their emails. and if they deleted the email i had it online so people could check the schedule, or even old archived schedules for whatever reason.

    lol and thats why i'm a nerd, because i like doing that kinda stuff :P

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    My New Job

    Congrats on the new job. I know that you'll be able to handle both job and school. Good luck on both and Happy Modding to ya.

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    My New Job

    i just got back from the new job a bit ago. it's gonna be a whole lot better then my summer/weekend job. its in an air conditioned office. I also get an office of my own :-D and i dont have to deal with customers, which if you've worked in a tollbooth like me, you know isn't usually a good thing, especially in 100+ degree weather, hahaha.

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    My New Job

    I love air conditioned rooms. While i was filing for the gov't a few years back their rooms were air conditioned, and working there was a dream, although a bit too cool to fall asleep.

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