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Thread: Having problem with RAID

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    Having problem with RAID

    Well I got my moms computer built and I can't get windows to install while i have the bios set to enable raid.
    I have 2 WD 150 GB drives on SATA, i want to mirror the array. i have both drives in the same array and raid turned. the MB did not come with a disk for raid drivers, you have to copy files from the setup cd from a folder named raid onto a floppy, but even then windows says it can't see my hard disk drives and will not install. when i try to load third party drivers when installing windows it comes back and ask me to insert the disk even when the disk is in the floppy drive.

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    Having problem with RAID

    during the windows install you will see it ask you if you have the 3rd part drivers for raid. Hit what ever button it says is yes and load them off the floppy. It then be able to load up the drives. It might need the files in the folder on the floppy or it may need them in the root of the floppy. If there is room put it on the floppy both ways and it should find what it looking for.

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    Having problem with RAID

    Might need to check and make sure the drivers are on the disk if it keeps asking for them novaforme

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