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Thread: Text books these days...

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    Text books these days...

    So I'm in chemistry doing some work. I come across a problem, this is what it asked.

    The compound methyl butanoate smells like apples. wtf?
    Its precent composition is 58.8% C, 9.8% H, and 31.4% O and its molar mass is 102g/mol.
    What is its empirical forumla? What is its molecular formula.

    Ok posted this for one of two reasons.
    1) See bold text
    2) Does anyone know the answer? Me and my professor were able to determine the empirical formula, but the molecular forumla was complicating and we ran out of class time.

    Hooray for moderm text books! :?

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    Text books these days...

    According to wiki, yes it does smell like apples. It's apparently used as a flavoring or an ingredient in perfumes. Found in apples obviously.

    C5H10O2 is a formula, I think it's the one you need. If not, then, by using this, it is:
    [(102g/mol)/(Mass of 5 C + mass of 10 H and the mass of 2 O)]*C5H10O2

    Taadaaaaaaaaaaaa. And I've never taken chem.

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    Text books these days...

    Haha Well I was hoping someone would do it they mathematical way. Its harder ;P

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    Text books these days...

    Google + wiki = epitome of knowledge.

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    Text books these days...

    Yeah molecular would be c5 h10 o2

    5c(s) + 5O2(g?,l?) + 5H2(g?, l?) ----> C5h10o2(l)
    The gasses or liquids are dependent on temperature and pressure.
    That would be the molecular formula, Hooray Chem30 actually helped.

    Also, the 102g/mol is the molar mass of all the elements combined. So it would be 5(12.02) + 10(1.01) + 2(16)
    This is all from memory so correct me if i'm wrong.

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