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Thread: I need your opinions!

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    I need your opinions!

    Okay heres the question, would you sell something you recently purchased, after 2 years of saving up for it, just to spend a month or more with someone you really like/love?

    I'm stuck in this situation right now.

    I use my computer to keep in contact with many of my friends from states I used to live in, I use it to listen to music and find new artists, to get info, and to laugh at people on youtube that get pwned. It took me nearly 2 years of saving whatever I could to buy it (having part time jobs and working for a bit over minimum wage is not much, if you take away money for gas, insurance, food and clothes as well as hair cuts and personal hygene stuff)

    The person I can visit for a month(and possibly stay with if I can find a job there) is real nice and is what im looking for in a person, I've been talking with them for 1 year and 8 months, without feeling any different about them and they(her and her friends) like me alot too.

    Now I'd have to sell my PC in order to go, and i'm stuck between chosing on going or not.

    I need some opinions on this before I do something stupid.

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    I need your opinions!

    Well this sounds like an internet relationship.

    Personally I would not commit to selling a computer, going up there for a month to only find out things dont work out and your back with no $ and no computer. The internet has a way of not showing the complete picture. I am not trying to say the person is or is not your type or what your looking for. Its the internet man, you never know whats on the other side of the door. I would at the most save up and go up for a weekend to meet in person and then go from there.

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    I need your opinions!

    Well its more than an internet relationship as we have seen each other before, we went to the same high school for a few months and where good friends.(oops forgot to include this in the original post)
    Then I moved (military family) and we kept in contact with her thru phone calls and email's/IM's.

    Thanks for your reply though.

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    I need your opinions!

    Well that does changes things a tad. Maybe you should send her your resume, and have her put them in for you, see if you can get a head start on a job before trying to go up there.

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