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Thread: Pertelian X2040 LCD

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    Pertelian X2040 LCD

    We all want the information we need right at our fingertips, and we want it now. What if you could get the latest weather report, your favorite forum updates, or all the RSS feeds you can handle on a portable display? The Pertelian X2040 LCD can do that and more.

    Read the Review Here

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    Pertelian X2040 LCD

    Good review AF. But when you said portable (the thing that got me interested enough to read it), I thought you meant wireless. It would be awesome at the price if it was.

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    Pertelian X2040 LCD

    Those things are neat. Happy Modding to ya.

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    Pertelian X2040 LCD

    great review af.

    seems like you could put this to some good uses. i googled it and found hundreds of reviews but not really anyone selling them. i think the best price i found was $46.99(us) at

    might have to put one on my birthday list

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    Pertelian X2040 LCD

    Not bad!
    Tho, I think the LCD is kinda small regarding the casing, seems kinda big to me not sure tho..

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