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Thread: i'm pretty bored

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    i'm pretty bored

    well i dont think i could have worded it better. I'm working two jobs, one full time the other on weekends, and i'm going to school full time. I cant remember the last time i had the luxury of sleeping in (though in reality it was only a couple weeks ago), and what happens when i get a spot of free time? I get bored. go figure...

    So now that summer is approaching i'm thinking about a new computer i'm planning to build. I'm looking at a core 2 duo cpu and i wanted to ask for some mother board reccomendations. so if anyone has some favorite brands, i'd love to hear them, lol if anyone has even a model they love post it and tell me why.

    other then that i'm planning on having raid-0 and two 500 gig hard drives. I want it to look like i have a 1TB hard drive in there when i go into my computer

    also any reccomendations on graphics card would be welcome since thats the biggest thing i need to upgrade currently

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    i'm pretty bored

    well i just watched a vid from CeBIT where a guy overclocked his core 2 up to 5.4 GHz and he reccomended ABIT, lol so that makes me lean towards ABIT, lol.

    heres the link if anyone else is interested:

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    i'm pretty bored

    There are a few good boards out from different makers. I'm currently running an Asus board but have heard some really good thing about the Evga boards and considered one when I purchased the Asus, I really didn't like the way there site was setup for downloading drivers so I went with Asus. I know that might sound trivial but I figure if they cant make there web site easy to get around in what makes me think there board is going to be any different.

    I had an Abit board in the past and it did fine, it had a generic sound card built in and it made some strange noises but i disabled it and went with soundblaster, problem solved.

    I have also had good lick with Gigabyte boards and used them on the last two or three builds.
    I have always considered Asus the top though so I went back to them on this build.

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    i'm pretty bored

    I'd be the same way on the site. I want good and easily accessible documentation on my motherboard and if their site doesn't provide it then i'm not sure how crazy I would be about the motherboard...

    I've also heard some good things about FoxConn, anyone else have any thoughts on them?

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    i'm pretty bored

    When you are sure what you are getting I can find you some PIMP Deals

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    i'm pretty bored

    if u want me to be honest i would go with asus, thats what i am using right now, it seems to be running perfectly, hassel free, ive used ABIT before and yea they do run smoothly although i will be honest i have had a bad one from gigabyte.....but maybe that was a one of anyways just letting you know

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    i'm pretty bored

    I'm running a Epox board with this machine and have been for 5 yrs now with a AMD 2800XP Barton core which is locked, so not much can be done other that to drop the multiplier and adjust the voltage and stuff like that, which I don't change. So not much in the way of OCing this rig. So I'm just rattling along. Happy Modding to ya.

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    i'm pretty bored

    Feature wise I really like ASUS MB's. Abit is right there, gigabyte are a good middle of the road board and epox is great for low end or those combo deals that included the MB ( the MB ends up almosr being free). I have a foxconn for a SFF case and it works good.

    I think the most most look at the cost vs what they want the board for.

    Overclocking / speed /bragging rights = $$$
    Good gaming / dependability / showing off =$$
    Desktop PC / HTPC / got no money = $

    Sometimes it is hard to justify paying $250 or more for a motherboard that might be outdated by the time Fedex shows up with it.

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    i'm pretty bored

    PC, would you say that Asus boards are better than DFI's?

    I personally use a DFI Lanparty Ultra UT-D nf4 board and I must say, I love it!
    Everything is customizable down to passwords to each section and to turn on the comp to post order and stuff. Drivers are easy, and the BIOS is a beast. I don't do much OC'ing, but from what I understand, the easy interface and accurate changing makes DFI boards top of the line for it.

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    i'm pretty bored

    Wish I had more experience to add my 2 cent's, but my PC was my first "cherry pop's" lol!.When I reserched for my mobo, I looked at the mags and saw that a lot of the pc's that were being advertised had my board and also read some reviews. I was building to a budget and I was also buying one to two parts a month.Now that it is done{except for the modding of it } a lot of the parts are no longer being made. For example my ram. It has been discontinued and I had my eye on another 2gig's. Ran into the same thing when I went for the second video card. Found the second on Ebay thank god!

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