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Thread: Just ordered my MDVA

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    Just ordered my MDVA

    well i Just ordered a MDVA. It cost a little more then I wanted to pay but eh, the thing looks flippin sweet and i've been wanting one.

    now you sitting there asking yourself, whats a mdva? this is a mdva..

    "a stereo 7-band audio spectrum analyzer for computers"

    Over all, a kewl unit that does kewl things with your music

    Once i get it in the mail i'll be sure to post a whole lot of pics

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    Just ordered my MDVA

    Now that link shows us a Mashie and several different patterns that it does and then at the bottom it has this:
    The MDVA was only built in a small series and is no longer available for purchase.
    So how did you make the order when there wasn't any place to make the order. Please enlighten us on how you did this piece of magic.
    Happy Modding to ya.


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