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Thread: Server Motherboards

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    Server Motherboards

    I found this server motherboard and my eyes almost came out of my skull.
    If you really wanted a HIGH END server, this is your board.
    Hope you have the money to get the cpu's and memory and drives to finish it after you buy the board!

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    Server Motherboards

    serious sick mobo.... what would you use it for?

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    Server Motherboards

    maximum support memory is 64 gb jesus guys. my moms hard drive isnt even that big i remeber when 64 mb of ram back in 99 was almost all you needed. well to me anyway i was 9 and had a faint clue about basic pc parts. but yes i would definately buy that motha

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    Server Motherboards

    ya im with senior id buy that mobo....if i had the money that is....

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