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Thread: I dunno if its true

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    I dunno if its true

    but a few people that i have chatted with have claimed that they baught used cell phones and used the screen of of those to display things like the time, day and current temp, I'm looking at an old cell phone screen as we speak and i dont think its possible, but since im a newb to all this stuff i dont know any better, so i must ask...if you need a picture of the screen i could take one, but i dunno how the quality would be.

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    I dunno if its true

    I haven't heard or seen anyone do this. I have taken apart two old cells and the coltoller chips were intergated and not labeled.

    It may be posible but I haven't found a way. besides you can get a Liquid Crystal Display for under 20 USD and a Controller chip for 5-6 USD and biuld one.

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    I dunno if its true

    I dont think its possible anyways as the wires are way too close so if it was possible, it would be a pain

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    I dunno if its true

    Don't get me wrong.... If there is a will there is a way. :twisted:
    But time and money I am working on trying what I said about buying peices and making on. there are a few programs that do software control already out so why not make/mod one.

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    How can I get a, in your opionon, rugged look to the paint job, like, a gamer rugged look. Guide, explain? ^^ Thanks.

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