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Thread: Dharma Initiative :Project

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    Dharma Initiative :Project

    Hello - Modder's Inc. Thanks for letting me post our contest, theres allot to see here.. I'll be posting more soon.. This is a project that is getting near the end so I though it would be a good idea to post it up here..

    I have had this case lying around for a while. It is just the standard run of the mill case that meets modding requirements. The fan grill pictured inspired the name, I have looked at many times and thought it would be cool for something. Today it sparked the Dharma Initiative. Not because I am a huge Lost fan but I do watch it. The Equipment in Decay I like the look of and since it was filmed near hear it is kind of an easy one..

    Still trying to get better at taking photos constantly..
    I will capture some of the video and ad it in to complete things..

    Basically what I have done so far is Cut out the lower front section, floppy area etc. and replace it with a piece of plexy glass as a backer to hold the fan and control part I saved from the cut out piece.. With epoxy I set the plexy and hot glue formed the control section in order to hold it before the Bondo went on..

    The piece I used here is from another TT fan, it is just a 80mm - 92mm mount. Once I had the holes and everything drilled it took 2 coats of Bondo so far to get the basic shape..

    This is the fan grill that inspired the name.. It had a round piece of metal in the middle I took out and then added the mesh in behind it to give it a cleaner look..
    At this point the control section is really rough - I had to do allot of filling to get the right shape..

    But after two coats of Bondo and some rough sanding with a Dremel it has started to take shape..

    Here is the second day of Bondo and Sanding - Bondo and Sanding....

    Today I sanded all the extra Bondo and got the shape more correct..

    This is the inside since I did not have an original photo of it before I cut it out..

    And finally I got a coat thick coat of primer on to start sealing and also to see better where I still need to fill and sand more...

    Today I was able to get most of the front roughed in and the filler out of the way..

    Sand and fill - Sand and fill..

    Now that the main shape is done I can switch to just straight body filler - no fiber

    More sanding and cutting in to add the edges..

    Another coat of sanding primer to top it off - I was hoping that would do it, But I might still have to fill in a couple things tomorrow.. I am going to give a good sanding and see how it look's. This is not getting a glossy coat of paint so it does not have to be super smooth..

    Today I put the texture on the front bezel - This will pretty much wrap this up and now I can start working on the sidepanels and interior...

    One last good sanding..

    Then a coat of black paint, to color the areas where I don't want the texture..

    Wet texture in the Sun...

    I am going to put color on the case once it is done so it will then match the whole case..

    Today I had a few minutes to work on the front fan setup. So here are a couple photos..

    First I used the hole saw to get some air flow for the new fan upfront.. Need's to be cleaned up and wrapped with rubber molding..

    Then mounted the fan to the bezel - It worked out good because it is pretty much a perfect fit so there is no big gap's to cause the air flow to be disturbed..

    I really wanted to use a Stove Fan in the front for the led effect but the air would be blowing out, And that is not something I wanted..

    There is just some Velcro on the nose cone - So it can be fit and painted before I glue it on for good....

    Last week I did some more work on the the intake fan, so here are a couple photos to update...

    Once I painted the the Grill ( red primer ) but I put it together.. I am still deciding on how to color the whole thing.. But I figure once I have the whole case done it will come together..

    I have some vandal switches now courtesy of the mnpctech store. So in the power switch spot I was able to clean it out w/ a small hole saw and it fit right in.. It was a good upgrade to the plastic thing that was there originally..

    I got one little digger in the fan, I guess I can fix it when doing the rest of the painting.. Other than that I just need to get going on the side panels.. They are not smooth so they are going to be a pain to work with..

    I had some time this afternoon to work on this case.. Originally I was going to put a 80mm x 2 Radiator in the back here and just clean out the mesh..This is not going to have any great hardware in it so that would have been fine, but it is next to imposable to find one. So for the sake of time I opted for a single 120mm Fan. But to do it the whole back had to be changed, I had a decent sized piece of aluminum to cut a new section that could hold the fan and fill the hole to pop rivet in there..

    om/images/mods/dharma/di32.jpg" alt="" />

    As you can see it still a little rough, I will have to use something to fill and bond some of the areas that where not wide enough for rivets.. But over all it came out pretty solid - Probably the strongest thing in this case though.. It will interesting to see what happens when I finally get my knock out and crank it down on there to punch the 120mm fan hole, I hope it does not just fold up the back of the case...

    This is actually video ( Except the first photo ) I used - Kino - to take stills from the captured video.. I figured it was redundant to put cutting and grinding videos when I can just do this..

    So finally after some waiting I got a new 4" GreenLee Knockout..
    This is the must have tool of the year for me, Finally I can put 120mm holes in any thing I like.. To start out I put one in the back of this case in the backing I added..

    The photos don't do much for this tool - It is pretty massive...

    At this point in the modding of this case I am just looking to get it done so I can have the room to move onto some new metal.. I did though make some progress today on it in that direction..

    I have done the other side panel similer to this one - but have neglected a photo - This side is getting dual 92mm fan's the other got modders mesh..

    The front was a little misaligned so the dremel had to go to work on it to straighten it out..

    The MNPCTECH 120mm fan grill is really going to bring the back together..

    The inside is going to remain red primer - for that rustic look..

    This pretty much the only shiny thing on this case, I might have to paint it, but I just like it to much right now..

    I used to use body side molding used for car doors for this - but this rubber material is so much easier to work with..

    These are the 2 TT starforces that will installed to the side panel..

    And the last thing to do was start the install of the crapper - I mean the hatch!" alt="" />

    Today I made it a little closer to getting this project done.. Here is the side panel for the right side of the case, I kept forgetting to include.. Basically I only put 92mm holes in the backed with some modders mesh to give it some character...

    And the hatch got finished to - I used some copper pipe to make standers for it so it stands up a little and thumb screws fit perfect.. It took longer than I want to admit to make this work right.. But the threaded holes and copper pipe where the key..

    Some nasty green paint - It really does not look as bad as the flash makes it out to be..

    The hatch with the plexi backing for a window..

    And a some what coming together project...

    Today I painted the panel and front with the green base coat.. It looks christmasy under the flash but the primer is more less brown, and the green is more olive..

    I took the Musketeer III out of the box today and started fitting the 5.25 bay cover.. I can't wait to see the Tube light up...

    I was going to use the vandal switch - but I think I am going to hold out for a key start like "chojin" suggested... I still have some other parts for the out side anyway..

    These are the 2 TT Starforce fans that will go on the side panel - They have a 4 led's in different colors - RGB + UV that rotate changing color about every 10 seconds... I sanded off the TT Logo and they are more of a dome now.. I still need to clean them up and paint them, But you get the idea..

    Today I only have a quick paint job update..

    After some thought about how to solve this problem - I opted for a random yellow over spray, followed by a light over spray of the stone texture paint..

    So today I was able to finish soldering the copper pipes for the side panel..
    It is pretty rough soldering, I couldn't get the solder to stick with the rosin I had...
    And it looks kind of old that way to, the copper will only get more crusty over time with all the handling of it..

    This is a handle I picked up to add to the side panel..
    It has the old crust, viney look already..

    I sanded the logo's off these fan's and taped them off before taking the shine out of them for good..

    Making them match the crust look..

    They are mounted on the side panel - But I have to drill a hole and do the wiring still for them..

    Here they are powered on with the color changing LED's working...

    I am still trying to find a momentary key start for this thing - to look like the fail safe switch. All of the ones I have found in bike and auto shops are huge and cost $50 + so I am going to have to find something better..

    Anyway - I got the numbers on the side today, Via the stencil method..

    Maybe some day we will even know what it means?

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    Dharma Initiative :Project

    That's a new design
    and it's great!
    btw, will you have water cooling?

    and welcome to Modders-Inc, protek

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    Dharma Initiative :Project

    yea that is a really cool design nice work there! and welcome best modding community ever

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    Dharma Initiative :Project

    Welcome to MI, Protek. That is one sweet looking unit you have going there. Keep up the good work and those pics. We love pics around here, not saying we can't read but that we like a little visual with the written. Happy Modding to ya.

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    Dharma Initiative :Project

    Hello - Modder's Inc. Thanks for letting me post our contest
    Welcome to the site, and no problem. Nice looking mod .

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    Dharma Initiative :Project

    Welcome to MI, Protek. Case is looking good

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    Dharma Initiative :Project

    Welcome to Modders-Inc and the case is looking great.

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    Dharma Initiative :Project

    That's a new design
    and it's great!
    btw, will you have water cooling?

    and welcome to Modders-Inc, protek
    Thanks - Guy's...

    I was going to use WC at first but, I could not find a 80mm 2x Rad I liked at the time, So I just opted for Air.
    It should be pretty adequate with the 120mm in the back now and the 3x 80mm intakes + PSU exhaust..

    More photos - No problem, When I get a new camera they may even look good to.. Hahha

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    Dharma Initiative :Project

    More photos - No problem, When I get a new camera they may even look good to.. Hahha
    you must be kidding right? these pictures are perfect! do we really have to wait untill you get a new camera for more pictures lol once agen, great work dude

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    Dharma Initiative :Project

    Ohh No - Hahha

    I just am taking photos with a point and shoot Nikon right now. Just being picky because I am having to wait to get the new DSLR I want.. Nikon D200.. I know they can look better is all..

    I will defiantly put more photos up...


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