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Thread: DIY Cathode Lamp

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    DIY Cathode Lamp

    I've seen this ide aonce before a long time ago and i cant remember where but today I decided I wanted to do this myself.

    The principle, a cothode run through the center of a huge stack of CDs.

    I make a quick sketch of the idea in photoshop, i'll show you guys the pic then explain everything behind it.

    I want it to look cool, like a normal lamp so i'm going to build the body out of wood. I'm going to cut a peice circular peice of woodfor the top. Coming down from there will be either 3 or 4 dowels to hold the CDs in place. this will be done for the most part by the cathode in the center but the dowels will just make it easier and make it look a bit better.

    The base of the lamp will house a mini PSU and cathode inverter. The front will have a switch, ho idea what style yet, prolly a rocker since i have a few of those laying around.

    Now since PSUs need to be ventilated, i'll have the PSU on some small feet and have an old slim PSU fan as an intake and steel mesh on the back for the exhaust.

    Another similiar design that i'm still thinking about would be instead of an all wood look, i'd have 4 dowels inside the base of the lamp, then instead of a wooden box i'd cut some slits in the base and slip some plexi in there for the walls. It sounds like a cool idea to me too, if i go that route i'll also be mounting a few LEDs in there. This idea really depends on if i think the PSU circuit board looks cool enough.

    I'm going to start cutting the wood tomorrow, and put it together as soon as i can, i also need to run out to walmart or wherever to get a whole wad of cheapo CDs.

    I'd love any comments or thoughts you guys have to offer.

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    DIY Cathode Lamp

    Sounds interesting faceless105 should make a nice light.

    Might as well add some connectors to test fan's and other items wile your at it, maybe some plug-in Volt meter style or something.

    You might look online for some cd's that have no labels on them, I have a few here I bought shiny on both sides prob. $20-$30 for 100 of them. Media superstore or something like that.

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    DIY Cathode Lamp

    voltage meter would be cool. not 100% sure if i'll do it though. I think i might make two different versions, one that looks more realisticly lamp like and one super sweet mod one, lol

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    DIY Cathode Lamp

    Well I think that what ever you do it will turn out just fine. So set yourself up and I'll keep an eye on you. So far so good. The design should look good, so Happy Modding to ya.

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    DIY Cathode Lamp

    tomorrow i'm getting done with work and class at 10:30, but i'm going to try and get a few of the first cuts made, atleast the top disk and some of the PSU enclosure

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    DIY Cathode Lamp

    mad idea, should look pretty cool

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    DIY Cathode Lamp

    Wow this is the first time i have ever seen this done, I like your design work to!

    I am going to keep my eye on this mod to

    Happy Modding To All!

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    DIY Cathode Lamp

    thanks for the support. I've even been rolling around different ideas, like putting a spacer between the CDs to give them maybe a centimeter difference, but for that i'd need a clear spacer to keep it looking good and let the light through.

    we'll see where that goes. tonight i get done with work and classes at 10:30 so i'm hoping to start a few of the cuts, for sure the top disc and top of the bottom base, this will let me get a good feel for how much room to work with for my old mini PSU.

    lol then sometime i'll have to make a trip to walmart to get a jumbo size pack of CDs.

    I'm also going to order a blue and a white cathode today to see which ones will look the best. if i end up making two of these like i'm very definatly thinking about, i'll just use the extra cathode for the other lamp

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    DIY Cathode Lamp

    a tesla coil would look cool too..
    My friend built one but it was a smaller one, tho the effects were awesome.. e&gbv=2

    a link to see what I mean

    It'd be cool BUT you need to make the coil.. wich is not easy..
    And believe me, it DOES look cool, even if you haven't seen it in real life yet
    In the near futire, I'm planning to build one myself too (in a few years )


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