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Thread: WOW I got lucky

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    WOW I got lucky

    one of my friends is building his own computer and needed a vid card, I offered him mine and he gave me 2gb of ram(two 1gb sticks), I plugged them in and now I'm a bit happier with Vista.
    They arent what I needed, but they where on my "to buy" list.

    Now all I got left to buy before I start my first public mod is:
    Disposable camera (none of my friends own a digital camera)
    Vid card that works with Vista.
    Carbon fiber.
    Gloves(for carbon fiber)
    Sand paper(of various types)
    and a filter or two(so much dust!)

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    WOW I got lucky

    carbon fiber??? Are you going to do a custom case with that or just inlay it in your mod

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    WOW I got lucky

    A carbon fiber case would be sweet but it could be quite expensive.

    Ultra has a nice looking carbonm fiber case soon to be out here:

    With Vista, more the memory the better.

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    WOW I got lucky

    Nah, I'm not making an entire case out of it, just going to use it for some custom air duct's.

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