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Thread: vintage ram

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    vintage ram

    I came by some very old ram today and i was wondering if anyone may have a clue what its worth, i cant find a price for it anywhere on the net, everywhere says call for qoute. any ideas?

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    vintage ram

    Thats what i found, it says 85 bucks. looks like pretty damn old ram, it may be hard to sell.

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    vintage ram

    Somewhere in america right now there is someone running windows 3.0 just wishing for a 16 mb upgrade.

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    vintage ram

    hm...i have about 20 of those sticks of memory somewhere in my garage lol wonder.........where did u find urs???

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    vintage ram

    I'm looking for RAM like that for.. well quite awhile..
    One thing, is it 100 MHz?

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    vintage ram

    I have no clue, if you were in Slovenia id mail it to you for free though

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