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Thread: Black Magic

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    Black Magic

    Why Black Magic?

    Because you don't see or hear a power supply! You don't see or hear any hard drives! Must be MAGIC!

    Ok... That's stupid. My build has no name, but I had to come up for something for the post subject.

    Above is the motherboard on the motherboard tray. There are no hard drives in this build because I use two Transcend 4GB flash drives. XP Professional is installed, but it's stripped down with XPLite to keep it svelte.

    It's an Epox board (model escapes me right now) with a 4100+ and 1GB of PC2-8500 with a Thermaltake Spirit RS cooler on it. The RAM cooler is tilted into the airflow of the Ultra X-Wind CPU cooler to help keep the memory cool.

    The video card in use is an XFX passively cooled 7950GT OC.

    You'll note in the below photos that the computer is running without a power supply.....

    So how does it get power?

    I have an Ultra PowerPartner (not on market yet) 325W power supply in the 5.25" bay. So this fact isn't too obvious, it's installed backwards with the power output cables run behind the bezel.

    I can put the block off plate on the PC over the PowerPartner and there's enough space for the two little 40MM fans to move air. Right now the bay is open because I haven't had a chance to modify the power cord yet.

    I figured I'd work on hacking up the case first.

    FYI: If you wonder if a mere 5.25" bay PSU is enough to power this rig, here's some photos of how much power this thing pulls from the wall during 3DM'06.

    In the second photo I'm only drawing 175W from the wall. Even at a mere 75% efficiency, that's only 131.25W DC output. No problem!

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    Black Magic

    As it sits... this PC works and would look ok with minor modding. Modding like the front power cord, for example.

    But I want more. First, I want there to be as few power cables (AC and DC) visible as possible. I also want to address some fitment problems.

    What fitment problems?

    Currently, there's a lot of radiator fins in this build. I've got the RAM cooler and the CPU and the big passive radiator on the GPU.

    The RAM cooler barely fits under the support bar on the CPU side of the Ultra MicroFly case I'm using and the GPU cooler hits the support bar on the VGA side of the MicroFly.

    So I pull the machine apart and take a look at what I'm going to be cutting.....

    This part of the case, above, I'm cutting out altogether. I don't see what purpose it serves other than giving structural support to the case. That problem, I've already got a handle on.

    This part is easy. All I have to do is drill out some rivets.

    On the VGA side, I'm just going to trim some fat off of this aluminum support bar....

    As you can see, Sharpie marks where I need to cut.

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    Black Magic

    wow....i have never seen any setup like that before tidy stuff mate any idea what kind of price that psu is going to be in the uk??? cheers also when it will be on the shefls lol

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    Black Magic

    nice. How quiet does she measure? I don't imagine much.

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    Black Magic

    Well it looks like you've got a detailed plan and this should turn out pretty sweet.

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    Black Magic

    wow....i have never seen any setup like that before tidy stuff mate any idea what kind of price that psu is going to be in the uk??? cheers also when it will be on the shefls lol
    Won't be sold in the EU because it doesn't have APFC.

    nice. How quiet does she measure? I don't imagine much.
    Someone said they were going to let me borrow their sound meter. The only fan you can hear is the CPU fan, and that's barely. There's a resistor between the fan header and the fan's power connector, so it's not spinning full tilt.

    Well it looks like you've got a detailed plan and this should turn out pretty sweet.
    Thanks. But to be honest, I'm still winging it.. taking my time. I've put the thing together and taken it apart about a dozen times looking for obstructions, things I need to clean up, etc. Sooner or later, I'll get to paint the insides.

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    Black Magic

    Ok. The support bar on the CPU side has been cut out and the motherboard slid back in to check for fitment....

    One side of the 5.25/3.5" bays now appears to be just a flap of aluminum, but once drives are screwed in place, there's no structure problems. The front of the case body supports most of the drive's weight.

    Using the steel support bar from the VGA side of another MicroFly, I reinforce the CPU side and use two old rivet holes as screw holes.

    If I did want to reinstall the hard drive cage, I can still slide it in place. The weight of the drives would be supported by the steel bar. But why would I want to ruin the build with a hard drive or two?!!?

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    Black Magic

    Ok... Enough of the drilling... now for the cutting....

    The aluminum on this thing is super soft, which makes it hard to get a smooth cut.

    Often the blade catches. I've tried three different discs on this thing.

    Ok. Got that piece cut out. Now the radiator on my video card will clear.

    I'm gong to cut a little more meat off of the 5.25" bays. Like I said, not like I'm going to mount hard drives up here.

    While I'm at it, I'm going to cut some metal off of the other side of the VGA support backet. It seems to be overbuilt to begin with and the extra material blocks potential CPU HSF upgrades and certainly blocks the view of my components!

    I just need to do some sanding to smooth out these edges. As soon as find my hole saws, I'm going to cut out the punched fan grills, install standard grills and paint it all black (boring, I know. But I like black.)

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    Black Magic

    If anyone can figure out what I can put in the power supply hole, let me know.

    Hey Tazz! How about cutting me a piece of plexi!

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    Black Magic

    LOL clear or red?

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