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Thread: Relay for Second PSU

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    Relay for Second PSU

    I still get A LOT of people asking about how to turn on their second PSU.

    Manual switch? Tie the green wires together on the main ATX connector?

    None of that. It's simple.

    Take a female Molex and wire it up to a simple automotive relay. Like the kind you would use to turn on a set of fog lights.

    These are $5 at the local autoparts store or all you can carry at the local junkyard (80's VW's have a half a dozen per car.)

    Just wire the Molex's +12V and ground to the relay and plug that female Molex into the male Molex on PSU # 1.

    Take the green and any black wire from PSU # 2 and hook it up to the switched terminals of the relay.

    When the relay is energized by PSU # 1, the circuit between the green and black will close causing PSU # 2 to turn on.

    If you want something really clean looking, use a fan header on the board to energize the relay!

    If you have a modular PSU with all modular connectors like an Ultra or a Silverstone Strider, just leave the main ATX cable off the PSU altogether and only connect up the peripheral connectors you need. Buy the pins for an ATX connector ( s_id=3592) and only run two sleeved wires from the would be green and black leads to the relay (heatshrink over the pins, please.)

    Talk about clean looking!

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    Relay for Second PSU

    Thanks for the post Jon, I am sure that information will get used .

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    Relay for Second PSU

    damn dude u got some know how ent ya good stuff

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