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Thread: teamspeak push to talk

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    teamspeak push to talk

    hello forum. i race a lot online and use teamspeak in the races... i dont like my mic on voice activation and know there is the option to switch to push to talk and assign a key on the keyboard to begin chatting.. the trouble is i dont like reaching to the keyboard whilst driving so what i have in mind is to get an old ps2 controller and mod one of the buttons into a floor mounted box so i can just press it with my foot to speak. so 2 questions.
    number one. has anyone done anything similar
    number two is it possible to assign a joypad button to push to talk or do i need a joytokey program of some description.

    i already have a ps2 controller and usb emulator so im half way there already

    cheers stevo

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    teamspeak push to talk

    I've never seen anything similar done and I'm pretty active in the modding community.

    The simplest route would be to buy an external keypad of sorts and use that software. For example, buy a separate num pad and cover up all of the buttons except one, like 5. Then assign push to talk to 5, extend the wires for the pad to the floor, and voila. You can build an enclosure or an extension for the button to make it easier. This way there is no messing with software or anything like that.

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    teamspeak push to talk

    you could prolly find an old guitar pedal and rig it up with what yoru looking to do.

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    teamspeak push to talk

    If you are not using a ps/2 keyboard and have it free you can do this:

    Key an older keyboard, and make sure its the type that uses the "pads" (usually two sheets of plastic with the traces on it and a clear piece seperating the two). So lets say you are using the END key for your push talk. On the keyboard you ar about to mod, look on the "sheets" and find where the END key is and trace the top and bottom pads back to the controller PCB (should be two seperate connections). find a pedel or mod your current pedels and put on a push button type switch, you will need just a standard normally open momentary push button. Solder the two connections of the switch to the pads that you just traced back to on the keyboard controller pcb and presto. You now have a Push-to-talk button you can put any where.

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