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Thread: The Chromanator!

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    The Chromanator!

    Got more if anyone is interested.

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    The Chromanator!

    You got a couple of nice looking rigs there

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    The Chromanator!

    outstanding work OmahaPetester...

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    The Chromanator!

    Thats freakin nice man! There are some pretty talented modders here

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    The Chromanator!

    Yeah, that looks pretty groovy with the motherboard matching the internal paint in that second one. And is that second one just mounted on a wall? Or wait, it's hanging from chains, isn't it?

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    The Chromanator!

    Thanks ya'all for the comments, I'm glad to find that I'm not the only one that likes them.
    And yes it is suspended from chains behind the bar of a friends night club. All the componants are mounted onto a 1/4in thick acrilic sheet, thus see through, the diamond plate that is seen is the wall behind the puter.
    I was told when they franchise I'll need to build 6 more, can't wait as this one is about a year old and before dual & quad core cpu's.

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    The Chromanator!

    On the matching mobo/cable thing, did you paint the motherboard to match the case or build the case interior around the mobo?

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    The Chromanator!

    Acually it was the interior of the case that I painted and the motherboard was left stock color. I also added a mirror to the bottom of the case, for a bottomless affect. That is Eagle1 my main rig.

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    The Chromanator!

    Great looking rigs and thanks for posting them here!

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    The Chromanator!

    Thanks for the comments! I'm flattered.

    There are more mods & pics on my temp site: **OmahaPetester's Corner of the web**

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