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Thread: GOin to be modding ...

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    GOin to be modding ...

    well recently i gotten ahold of one them there eVga 680i Mbs . and from day 1 i been running water cooling on it . i currently using a DD maze4 chipset block on it . ( absolutly perfect combo i may add ) . so since summer coming back , i decided its time to complete a case mod i started just before winter hit last year ( its the Inwin full Tower case ) needless to say that peticular mod changed . i have to reacomidate it for larger video cards ( originally i was making a inverted mb style ) ... ok enough of the Background stuff . since my orignal plans went to hell i am goin to use air cooling in this case . heres the up and coming mod . i am goin to use a Zalman VF700 gpu cooler and mod it to fit the 680i North bridge located Here mainly because i know how hot the nb gets . stay tuned for more modding ....

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    GOin to be modding ...

    Hmm this should be interesting .

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    GOin to be modding ...

    i realize this an old topic but i did get that cooler to work and it worked perfectly brought temps from the 60's full load to 30's but i had the older tr version of the board and my bios got corrupted killing the board with no way of rma'n it ( i purchased it from a friend ... )

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    GOin to be modding ...

    order a new bios chip off the internet? I know a lot of the boards have removable cmos chips.

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    GOin to be modding ...

    Let's see some Pimp Pictures of this Modding

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    GOin to be modding ...

    Let's see some Pimp Pictures of this Modding
    i still have the board but the cooler is on my dads 7600gt . i gave up on the 680i board all together being the heat out put of the nb and the lil gain i did get wasnt enough for me to seek replacement or attempting to fix it . the gigabyte p965 s3 smokes the 680i tr in overclocking and is equal in performance . but it did look cool tho ..

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