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Thread: Something I was preparing..

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    Something I was preparing..

    Well, I've been preparing this for awhile now and I managed to get it "done"
    (I DO need to re-wire all the cabling I know but I just don't have the time.., tho I run a server too and I don't wanna hold the server down )

    well, here it is:

    Comments Welcome

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    Something I was preparing..

    One more to do part of the cutters of dragons
    Very good

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    Something I was preparing..

    ugh guys I have a problem..

    I was looking at the case today and I found a little problem
    the case is getting a little rusty where it was cut
    any ideas how to protect it? what kind of color? I know that normal spraypaint won't do good, right?


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    Something I was preparing..

    You should paint the entire door, but if you don't mind the raw metal surface, a coat of clear nail polish will keep it from rusting any more. Or you can get some spray on clear coat.

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    Something I was preparing..

    nail polish? lol
    well, ima ask my mom if she can lend me her nail polish for my comp's door XD

    thanks for the advice fusinfun
    I'd go with spray but I'm afraid if I accidently spray the door, it'll look ugly..
    btw, what does "raw metal surface" mean? I used google but couldn't find anything


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    Something I was preparing..

    basicaly the bear the metal i would guess....btw wicked door dex, proper nice always did like dragons, and the light that comes out of that beast! top stuff dude :P

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    Something I was preparing..

    bear the metal?
    man it's just not my day today
    at first I read it all wrong.. beer the metal then I re-read
    and I still don't get it lol

    and, thanks for the comment
    and dang, I'm too lazy I still didn't re-wire the PC lol XD

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    Something I was preparing..

    bear the metal

    Translates to

    bare metal

    Nail polish will work for small areas.

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    Something I was preparing..

    Thanks Tazz

    I'd have to cover everywhere I've made the cut, that means around the whole hole (rhyme :P lol)
    I'll see what I'll do..tomorrow .. g2g to bed, half an hour past midnight here hehe :P

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    Something I was preparing..

    omg...i feel like a twat lol im always makin typos lol soz guys i dont tend to look it over before i post, also.....i have a lot of bad habbits from msn :P

    P.S this is razer121 not techytom :P i cant sign out of his acount on this computer for some reason...each time i do, it jus logs him bk in lol

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