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Thread: Need help with ideas

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    Need help with ideas

    Had been a very long time since i had time for me and my computer, hehe. This summer i am going to the bigges and most famous lan event in my country (spain) The Campus Party. So i have convinced a friend of mine that owns a pc hardware shop to sponsor me and give me some parts, and i want to go there rocking out with a new case. I have two ideas: 1 an acrilic case with the style of shelldog 23's Sapphire E3 Demo PC '06. 2 a statue of Gorge(UT04 Character) that contains the pc i have materials for both. i need help to decide wich one i have to create. And of course if you guys have any other ideas i will listen all. i have 3 months to create the case and i need to decide de design as soon as possible, so ibeg for the help of the greatest modders in the planet. thanks in advance.

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    Need help with ideas

    Considering that your friend is supplying the parts, I think it would be best to ask them,

    Thats what I would do atleast.

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    Need help with ideas

    we were talking these days and accoreded that he will suply me with some groovy stuff. but the case must be awesome to deserve groovy stuff

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    Need help with ideas

    How about a hybrid between them.. Like a gorge statue with some acrylic windows and some lighted etchings.

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    Need help with ideas

    complete acrylic cases can be overdone and are also normally messy. Go with SplitLip's idea of the statue with some windows. Maybe even etch the windows if u have time.

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    Need help with ideas

    agrees with splitlip and swimsfast, i think that is a great idea, defo got to get some pictures for us

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    Need help with ideas

    Personally I beileve to truely be "rocking out" try to sit and brain storm of a theme of your own. Using others ideas is ok if your your using a varied version of thier methods (if that makes sence).

    What you want to do is talk with your mate/sponser, and come up with some ideas that will suite you both. Somthing that you would like to have on your own case as well as asthetics that might help promote thier store. To many time i have seen mods pull ideas from every one else and they end up getting thrown together into somthing that does not have a continuous theme.

    Sit down, coffee shop or where ever, and just start sketching. What i do is just start with the basic form of the case and just make up off the wall stuff and you will eventually lead to doable mods that will fit very well.

    Also, is very easy to take an inexpensive, well built, all be it ugly, PC case and make it look very "rocking" and add a lot of funcitionality that was once not there.

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    Need help with ideas

    I dunno, the way he phrased it does sound like they were both his ideas.
    Oh, and the word is albeit, not all be it hehe.
    You still with us Ordagon?

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    Need help with ideas

    i am still here but these days i had been working more than 12 hours a day, first i must apologize my english, i are smort, i learnt english at school and talking with people a little. i was asking about the two ideas that i presented and to decide wich of two use and make real. i talked to my friend and has some ideas that we will draw and see. And the idea of fusioning the acriliy with gorge could be sweet.

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