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Thread: Alienation - Project...

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    Alienation - Project...

    Alienation case mod - In various stages of completion..
    I did this some time back but thought MI might want to have a look at it..

    I wish I had a photo of the old crusty case this started as but I did not think to grab a photo..

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    Alienation - Project...

    I love the color choices and I must say Excellent work on the paint job.

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    Alienation - Project...

    Awsum setup protek...

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    Alienation - Project...

    WOW looks great!

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    Alienation - Project...

    I really like the idea with the err how ya call it.. well that ball :P
    Btw, what PSU is that? I like the way the wires are sleeved

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    Alienation - Project...

    Great Mod. love the color.
    How do you power the 'lightning ball', is it hooked up to your PSU?

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    Alienation - Project...

    very nice, i love that metal flake "yellow" on the chassis. the whole thing definately looks like it just came off the mothership.

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    Alienation - Project...

    Wow thats amazing. It's definatly unique. Great job man! I never seen that done before like that. 8-)

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    Alienation - Project...

    Thanks guys --

    The plasma ball comes w/ a 12v adapter so you can plug it in to the psu..

    And the PSU is an X-connect modular setup, just wasn't a popular color I guess..

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    Alienation - Project...

    This is one of the most impressive cases I have ever seen. No joke.

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