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Thread: Project Rebuild - MGE Viper

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    Project Rebuild - MGE Viper

    This is a project from last month.. More of a rebuild, but a good project...

    Today I had a customer drop off a MGE Viper he has obviously had for some time ? He wants to get it back on it's feet. All he said was I want it to look good and Play my game's well.. I showed him the case feet from MNPCTECH that I just unboxed so those are going on it..

    The Candidate...

    It is pretty much just going to get a good cleaning along w/ some cosmetic and cooling mod's..

    Today it got gutted and I had taken the customer's word for it was the motherboard, turn's out it was the PSU had a bad 12v.. So he opted to use the motherboard and CPU and just get a better Video card, new Ram, hard drive and DVD Burner and some other goodies, obviously a new PSU to.. There went the 8800 - damn it..

    Clearing out the Cobweb's from the 120mm fan's

    The original front fan - Not hard to see it can't get any air through that..

    I had to pop out the rivet's in the bottom of the drive cage to get the 4" knockout in there..

    Had to cut some out of the case away to get the knockout post in there..

    Ahhh fresh air now...

    Put the pop rivit's back in...

    Some new shoes from MNPCTECH and a red 120mm LED fan

    There was already mesh in the front - so good enough..

    This is a CPU fan I made from a Thermaltake Venus 12 :? - The fan is way to LOAD, stock.. So I just used just the copper heatsink and put a 80mm aluminum red fan on it with a cold cathode ring from a Logisys fan..

    I turned the cable in the end for it to go down instead.. It was going to up, but did not look right..

    Close to the end photo's - Yes it still needs a couple wiring tweaks - And the last stick of ram that have been taken care of... I don't have a picture of the white wire moved but it is and everything else was cleaned up to after I looked at the photos here..

    Small Multi function for cards and speed control of the the front and back 120's..

    This case is actually moving a huge volume of air now.. It is blowing hard out of the back now....

    The grill went on the inside so it would not get in the way of the door closing.. I just like that CPU fan showing through..

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    Project Rebuild - MGE Viper

    I am sure he will be happy with the improvments .

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    Project Rebuild - MGE Viper

    Nice upgrade protek

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