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    Test PSU

    This worklog has been going for awile on other sites, so i'll bring you up to date, hopefully the re-posting will be coherent.

    the first few posts are being re-posted from another website, so pleaes bare with me

    I've been meaning to put some REAL work into my 200w Test PSU, so this contest is just making me get off my ass, which I'm thankful for really, havent had much motivation/reason to mod lately.

    so here she is an hour ago:

    (and an older pic, but still same mods done)

    What i've done to this PSU in the past is sleeve the wires, and replace the internal fan with a cheap tri-colour fan from princess auto.

    here is the part of the shell i'll be doing most of the work on, shown here is the after market fan and power on wiring

    and if i need it, i have two donor cases standing by

    my planned mods so far:
    -removal/cleanup of the old P8/P9 connectors
    -Moving the power switch to the side, to eliminate that long ugly cord
    -A small window on the opposite side, exactly the size of your average business card
    -something to do with that cheap, ugly fan (replace it?)
    -take a mouse sander (or other sander) and give the shell a rough finish, hopefully it will turn out nicely

    do theres my "before" pictures, i've already cut and taken the wrap off the power switch, planned the cut for it, and traced a business card for the side window
    here are the wires now, notice the P9/P8 connectors are gone

    and here's what the switch wiring will be, i cant solder it yet because the two plugs have to be inside the case to fit, which could cause some trouble later on

    finally remembered that i need to do some work on this, specifically, dremel work!

    this is the first time i've gotten to really use my dremel since i got it, which was shortly after christmas. Except the time i've finally remembered, its 7:30, and already quite dark out. it was cold enough to see my own breath lol

    First off, i cut into the fan grill.

    then "finished" it off

    Then i started on the planned side window. I know i should do this with a jig saw, but the dremel was the only tool at hand. I only did the two cuts so that later this weekend i can plan them out better.

    here's the first two (poor) cuts

    more to come, its spring break!


    the deadline on this contest is coming up, so its crunch time! but chances are i wont have a nice finished project in time, with the busy life i live

    so today started with cutting out the rest of the window, it was pretty rough

    Then i went to work with a hand file on the window and the fan grill (not exactly finger proof)

    then i went to work with a sanding block, get rid of some of the marks i made...hopefully i'll pick up a mouse sander in the near future and go over it all again, then put down some primer and paint it (yes, i decided to paint it)

    then instead of using plexi for a window, im just going to use a peice of plastic from a CD case, its modding on the cheap.

    I taped it up, because major scratches would be a BITCH

    then i cut it, and after a bit of work it fit nicely

    random idea came to me today/last night


    so i removed the sticker, printed a picture, taped it on, and went to work

    started doing all the lines

    so there it is with all the edges done

    started etching the rest


    paper removed; theres still a bunch of crap on it from when i removed the specs. sticker, but that should come off next time i do some work

    stay tuned, im making a trip to canadian tire for tools in a few minutes!
    obviously, im on a roll this weekend

    first i went on a trip to canadian tire to buy a bunch of things...

    that paint is forshadowing, its deere green (actual colour) it will probably end up on this mod

    so; update

    drilled a hole to mount the on/off switch

    then i used that new mouse sander and sanded down the entire case
    mg src="" alt="" />

    (got rid of that sticker gunk)

    Then worked on the other 2 holes for the switch, turns out i did the second hole off-center, so what i did was cut off the head of a screw and when im done i will superglue it over the hole, and in place. IMO its a good save

    more to come this week!
    work continues tomorrow, whats left on the agenda is paint, then re-soldering the connectors and wires, then finally the window being glued in (hot glue)

    feedback and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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    Test PSU

    paint time!


    factory matched john deere green spray paint

    here's the wiring

    and the exterior

    A bit of fan wire routing

    and here we are with the board and everything in

    Not much clearance for the window

    but it goes in anyways


    And there was some issues with getting the thing working in the first place...But I switched some things around and it works fine

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    Test PSU

    What happened to the fancy tribal cut? I was lovin that.

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    Test PSU

    the speaker etching? its still quite visible with the right lighting

    I didnt post this picture early because it makes the paint job look much, much worse than it is IRL. Not quite sure why

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    Test PSU

    Nice paint job theedge44, not my choice of color but it looks good on there..

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    Test PSU

    I do like the paint job and the color, seems less forest-greeny than a lot of other recent paint jobs. One suggestion that I have would be to, if possible, sleeve the cuts on the window (add trim).

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    Test PSU

    Yeah the speaker etching. My bad, i don't know why but when i posted that, i was thinking of em3's mod for some reason.

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