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Thread: Custom fan cover (#1)

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    Custom fan cover (#1)

    once again, CNC proves itself to be the best class ever

    those are two pictures just after machining, while i was filing off the tabs. Its still covered in oil

    here it is after being filed down, mouse sanded, and a TINY bit of work with some sandpaper (wet) My teacher gave me a few different pieces to take home and finish over the weekend, so hopefully that gets done today

    Now that i know the whole machining process works for making fans, i can work on making a better design, and eventually scale it all down to 80mm, and maybe use some 1/16'' aluminum

    UPDATE: the holes machined in the corners are a bit too small, nothing big but i'll be drilling them later, this will put off the sanding and final finish

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    Custom fan cover (#1)

    Nice Work... having access to nice equipment does make things nice eh?

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    Custom fan cover (#1)

    yeah, the router we have is a big industrial one...its so straight forward, it blows my mind

    Also: I've convinced one of my friends who is in metal work at school to buff the one side of this grill, that should happen next week, and the results should be pretty good

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    Custom fan cover (#1)

    That is sweet. I wish i had a cnc machine. If you get the hang of it you should start making custom ones for people. I know i would order a few. nice work

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    Custom fan cover (#1)

    yup i agree with novaforme, can u do request im sure we can come to some kind of agreement?? and eh u never know you could make ur own bisness on ebay with it!! thats some nice fan grill you got going on there im sure people would buy them good work dude

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    Custom fan cover (#1)

    the plan so far is to do more of these, cook up a more generic design and crank out a few to sell, and also allow people to design their own, feel free to send me ideas at the.edge44 *at*

    My curse is a lack of sheer creativity, the creative mediums not so much, but original ideas dont seem to come easily to me

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