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Thread: ATI R600 demo leaked!

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    ATI R600 demo leaked!

    This is supposedly the leaked out demo of the R600 chip. Looks real interesting. Not that great of a quality but you get the idea of what the cards capable of. I like Ati's demos over Nvidias for the 8800. I mean come on, a frog you could move around lol.

    A better downloadable version with sound and clear(er) image is available here.

    What do you guys think?

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    ATI R600 demo leaked!

    Saw this the moment Hexus had it posted and considering the quality of the video, its hard to say it looks good. Based on the 8800 demo though I wouldn't be surprised if this demo looks just as sweet.

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    ATI R600 demo leaked!

    I'm impressed...I just hope they resolve some of the size and power issues before the cards release.

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    ATI R600 demo leaked!

    I must say i'm also impressed with the level of detail that can be seen in the video. I just fear the price will be crazy expensive!

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    ATI R600 demo leaked!

    I think the R600 chip would be reasonably priced. If they want it to sell they cant go over the price of the 8800 series. If anything, they would probably be cheaper for competition reasons. There in need of bad money....

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