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Thread: Making an LCD Overhead projector

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    Making an LCD Overhead projector

    So I took apart a 14.1" Kogi LCD Monitor to build my LCD Projector but the ribbon connecting the two bridge chips going across the top and side is too short to connect anywhere but behind the screen. When I do connect them it totally works fine, but the light goes through the back and there is a chunk of screen missing where the bridge is connected..right behind the screen but in front of the light.

    Has anyone else made a projector and had to do any modifications or know what I am talking about to help me fix it?

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    Making an LCD Overhead projector

    do you have any pics of ur project???

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    Making an LCD Overhead projector

    You can try to remove the connector from the PCB's and connecting them by some thin wire. (Newer 80wire IDE cables work well). The best way to remove the connector would be by using a hot air iron. Basically using very hot air that blows through a tip and is easy to keep it to a confined space.

    Reason for using this is that you are able to melt the solder on all the pins at the same time and use a pair of tweasers for gently pulling off the connector, taking care not to ruin the pcb pads. If you don't have, or have access to, this equipment, another way would be my carefully using a Soldering iron with a fine tip and solder wick.

    Then again if you trust your abilities, you can use a "pen torch" wich is able to have a flame that is a fine stream. If done correctly, the solder should melt faster than the pcb or surrounding components and again enable you to gently pull off the connector.

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