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Thread: Glue in an old box

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    Glue in an old box


    What's the best way to get thermal glue out of an old modded-out case? Thanks in advance

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    Glue in an old box

    do you mean thermal paste??? if it is thermal paste, then use a bit of soft cloth and dap it in alcohol, using ur finger that is, make sure not to get it on any componets and then rub whatever it is ur tryin to get it of

    if it is some kind of glue, i find using a thin flat headed screw driver gets it of, being very carful when doing this as you can damage the case if you dont do it properly!!

    hope that helps matey


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    Glue in an old box

    If you are referring to Thermal "Glue" (e.g. the epoxy type material with thermal properties) then there only one way that I know of that won't ruin your hardware. If you can, use a very thin piece of sharp metel and carfully cut away the material between the two items it's holding together. If you can't get the metel in bwteen the two items because of other components in the way or somthing then I couldn't tell ya.

    If you are referring to just the thermal paste that has a tendency to somtimes stick almost like a clue, don't pull straight up. Try to slide what ever you trying to remove to one side. Remember, be very gentel as i have ruined a few ram sticks and video cards by the memory chips and such coming off with the heatsinks. Not a good day :P

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    Glue in an old box

    are you talking about a thermal adhesive attaching a heatsink to a component, or are you talking about either a thermal paste or some kind of heat activated apoxy on the case itself? If it's a thermal adhesive and you are having trouble getting a heatsink off of a component (CPU, video card, chipset, whatever) you can try using a heat gun or even a hairdryer set on high to heat it up and gently try to rotate the heatsink back and forth to work it loose. If it's just leftover thermal compound on a chip, I've found paper towels and rubbing alcohol work well. If it's basically just goo on the inside of the case then taking all your components out and sanding that part of the case would probably be the best way to go.

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    Glue in an old box

    Any pics of what you are trying to get out? That might help in coming up with the best solution.

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