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Thread: Hand-made piano mod

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    Hand-made piano mod

    Hey! I'm newish to these forums, so I figured I'd start off by posting one of my more recent mods. Just so you know, I repainted the case after these pictures were taken, but ended up dissecting the project for parts to save my other pc in its time of need.
    This computer is a VIA micro-atx (I think - I can never keep these straight) with 256k RAM, 10gb hard drive, CDRW drive, integrated video.
    This was built in around 3 weeks to enter in a contest, but I didn't make it in time, so now I'm just sharing it.

    And here's a couple in-progress pictures.

    Thanks for looking!

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    Hand-made piano mod

    thats sum pretty smart stuff mate

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    Hand-made piano mod

    Sweet, I like computers that are in the, not so ordinary case. Thanks for sharing and keep the pics coming. Happy Modding to ya.

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    Hand-made piano mod

    I own a similar mobo like the one you've used

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    Hand-made piano mod

    Very cool idea. All that's missing is a matching piano bench.

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    Hand-made piano mod

    Honestly, I thought about it, but I barely finished in just over the mod contest length, so I decided not to do it. Besides - that's one more thing to tote around to LAN parties. :wink:

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    Hand-made piano mod

    nice setup degravenous thats one small mb in there...

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    Hand-made piano mod

    Very nice idea!! MUSIC...i live for that!

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