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Thread: The best way to get started ? HELP!

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    The best way to get started ? HELP!

    Hey guys,

    I'm new[as in the newbie of newbies ] to the 'modding world' so i was wondering if you guys have any tips on what's the best way to get started?
    I'm quite acquainted with the parts of a computer[i have put together a pc of my own[with a lot of help from lady luck.]but that's about all i know about computers.I have been reading tutorials & stuff and they have been helpful but sometimes i do feel a little alienated as i'm not familiar with the terms / acronym used.
    Do i start reading more /start a project and learn through trial & error or etc.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    You guys would have probably seen thousands of posts from newbies like me asking for help, so please bear with me :lol: Thanks!

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    The best way to get started ? HELP!

    Your right about a few things, reading, always helps and I must say the best thing to do is just start. Alot of people talk and talk about doing a mod but never start, so the first thing do to is to stop talking about it and do it. You also need to decide if you are going to mod a standard case or turn something into a computer case. I personally like turning something into a computer case. You can even build a case from scratch and have it look anyway you want it to. #1. stop talking about it and do it. #2. If you ask for help be ready to answer questions about what material your using, what you are going to look like, and if you have any pics of the project at that time then show the pics, what equipment you are going to use, things on that order will be asked. #3. Start a worklog of your project and take photos after photo. If you are posting your project and you write about this and that and show no photos I feel you will lose interest of your audience. Plus it adds credit to your writing. Don't mean to sound like you've telling us a bunch of BS but the photos will prove that you have done this and that. I've read postings before at other sites and there were no photos but there were 7 pages of text from posting and replies. Finally a few pics came on and it wasn't like all the posting had said there would be. Most of it was what he was wanting to do but hadn't done it. So photos are important. Hope I helped you and didn't become a wind bag of sorts. Happy Modding to ya.
    Also welcome to Modders-Inc.

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    The best way to get started ? HELP!

    It mainly depends on the modding you want to do, there's the simple repaint, then the modification of a case(adding fan's/windows ect), then the final type of modding the full custom case

    But I started building stuff like car model's, sanding them, filling the gaps between part's with bondo(or other material) and painting them, they can be fairly cheap(depending on size, detail and skill level). This helped my painting skill's and use of bondo and gave me an eye for detail.

    For modding a case I suggest practicing with the tools your going to use then start out with basic mod's. After a while you'll end upbeing good at what you do.

    For full custom cases, I wouldnt suggest to do this till your used to modding an old case, but I'd suggest starting off with building your own furniture(like chest's and table's) to get a general idea of what your doing, it also is a good way to learn how to design a solid case that wont break/fall apart.

    Other than that, just practice, plan things out, measure twice and cut once.

    Edit: There is also the performance mod's which is generally for performance/cooling

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    The best way to get started ? HELP!

    I would suggest starting small, add a nice blowhole to your case, or maybe even a window. At this point it will probably be easier for you to modify an existing case than to create your own. Perhaps start even smaller, by sleeving your power supply cables and routing them to increase airflow.

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    The best way to get started ? HELP!

    I totally agree with the other posts, i was new to modding when i came to this site, i asked questions and so on and they answered them for me it was really quite helpful, my first mod is called "My First Mod" i think check up for it and see how it went, i done a quick draw up of what i intended to do and posted it, then through the project it all changed and i was just doing things as it came along, and to be honest i think it is a good mod! And im sure your mod will be good to, i cant wait to see the pics that you take if the project takes place and hopefully it does, like em3bilko said if ya need any help feel free to ask, im sure someone on this site could help ya!

    Anyways Good Luck To Ya And Happy Modding To All!

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    The best way to get started ? HELP!

    I think your best bet is to visualize what you want your case to look like, then jump into it feet first. For your first mod, you should just see what you can do. Have fun, but hit it. I bet you already know what basic tools are needed. Go for it.

    By doing that, you will figure out very quickly what you need help with. Then you post here, with pictures of course, and someone will coach you through your problem.

    Unsolicited advice time:

    1. Never be afraid to cut.
    2. Never be afraid to void a warranty.

    Have fun, and good luck to you.

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    The best way to get started ? HELP!

    Get a note book and keep it with you everywhere you go so you can jot down ideas as you come up with them. Write down everything, from ideas for what colors you might want to use for a basic re-paint on an old case to sketches of for a ground-up build you might want to try sometime. It can help a lot when you move from the design phase to the build phase because you'll have notes about all the little things you don't want to forget about until half way through the project. As much as I love Home Depot, it can be a real pain to have to keep stopping in the middle of a project to run out and get something you forgot about the last several times you went to get that "one last thing I need to finish".

    Others may disagree, but I found it helpful to start off relatively small and go from there. I had a left over case that started off with just a paint job (so I could learn how to do it on a case I didn't care about messing up) and eventually ended up with new fan mounts, a window, a new front panel, and a design etched in the window. The things I learned as I went will definitely help me out when I start my next project, and by starting small I didn't feel overwhelmed by the idea of "how am I going to learn how to do all the things I want to this case?"

    Also, I personally think it's a good idea to hold on to the random scraps that get left over in a mod project. I have a pile of pieces of plexi that are too small (or damaged) to use in a mod, but they are great for practicing cutting and etching on, and they come in handy when I need something to mix small amounts of apoxy on. And the leftover piece of side panel from cutting out a window is getting chopped up to make templates for various fan sizes. Since it's just scrap, I don't care how scratched up it gets when I use it as a guide for cutting and drilling fan mounts.

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