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Thread: Project: Hyper Mite

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    Project: Hyper Mite

    I have been into Hotwheels for a long time.
    But my son went through a phase of really liking them..
    I got to looking at some of the crazy cars they have and it filled my head with all kinds of ideas..
    I have a whole bunch more, But I am going to try this old case as a test for one of the concepts..

    The "Hyper Mite"

    This is just a standard E-machine case from some time back - I actually like this particular one for a micro atx because it has a 80mm rear exhaust fan....

    The parts.... w/ the side panel punched for a 120mm fan..

    It's cool it has a 80mm fan - it's not cool it has a bunch of crap in it..

    This is going to get a front turbine blow hole -

    Because of the blow-hole and this being a micro case, I had to make a new hard drive cage.. you can see the original in the first case photo -
    It was hung under the 5.25 bays vertically.. This new one is going on the bottom of the case..
    It will only hold one drive, but I don't need more than that in a case this size..

    There was a tab on the back to get a pop rivet and then two screws went into the sidewall. It's not going anywhere...

    I got a few coats of shiny shiny on here in the last couple days. Pretty happy with the results..

    This is the first coat of fiberglass bondo on the intake section of the bezel..

    I did a little more work on it today... Mostly figuring out the front Bezel so I can do the Filler this weekend when I have more time.. After a trip to the hardware store for some long screws I could fit the front intake fans.. Tomorrow I can break out the Epoxy and paint and do the Nose Cone, then get the sleeving done and mount it all right..

    I had this Antec LED fan that is going to give the orange fan a cool blue..

    On the top of the bezel I chopped off the half round cover thing.. I will just use molding to clean up the 2 edges after a 2 tone painting of the bezel -

    This is a roughed in shot of the bezel before it starts getting body filler and paint on it..

    " alt="" />

    Being that this case is so small and to keep it extremely clean of wires.
    I am going to run them under the machine so they don't have to loop over or around the new HD cage.
    I should be able to keep them out of sight from both the inside and out that way..

    I also went ahead and mounted the fan spinner and case feet after adding color to them...

    Today - I spent some time working on the bezel..
    I had epoxied the front cover it there after reshaping it, since it can't clear the fan now..
    First all the epoxy had to be sanded off to get a good bondo surface..

    While I was waiting for the thin coat of bondo to dry I added this to the front panel,
    so it will show through..

    This is the rough Idea!

    This is the finished outside bezel with the Power Button / P-Led and HDD Led installed..
    I am going to have to touch up around the vandal switch -

    This white is going on as 2 tone.. The panels are going to be done in Powder Coat the same color, Hopefully tomorrow they come back..

    Hopefully one last thin coat of filler and I can get this on and painted to..

    Finally I got the side panels back from the powder coater - Today I got in the 120mm fan. I still need to get the LED mounted behind it, but this is what it will look like like...

    This is still a work in progress -- Because of the mounting issues.. I may add plexi to the mesh but right now I am going w/ just mesh for the look it creates of a wide open top..

    This week I made some progress on this project, Hopfully this weekend I can pull it all together.
    Basically I just need to mount the top mesh, wire the fans and figure out an 80mm for the back..
    Then finish the couple surprise pieces..

    In the side I doubled up the fans just so it would look like the front from the side, no good reason - it just looks cool.

    More bondo - !

    More sanding and priming..

    Finally the finished paint - The paint is still soft so they are just sitting in place until it hardens and I can snap them together..

    But thats about the look anyway..

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    Project: Hyper Mite

    I've always liked the red and white/cream color's together, and other than the front bezel and side panel's the case is very similar to my current case.

    So far it looks nice

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    Project: Hyper Mite

    Mighty fine looking work you do Protek and your choice of colors is wonderful. I haven't seen punchouts of that size since I was in the Navy and that's been 37 years ago. Where did you located them? They make nice round openings that for sure. Thanks for sharing with us and keep us updated. Happy Modding to ya.

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    Project: Hyper Mite

    Yes, that is a very crisp and clean rig you got going there!!! I espescially like the open grill top that is killer 8O
    I hope the one I'm working on turns out that good

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    Project: Hyper Mite

    I hope the one I'm working on [url=http://][/url] turns out that good
    8O this is naughty!! lol

    anyways, super work man! i like the colour code you have some good talent make sure u keep us updated this i can see will look awesome!!


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    Project: Hyper Mite

    Nice work dude!That red and white loks sweet.I have one of thase cases I modded(posted later td)And it was too small for cooling what's the spec of the rig to be installed?

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    Project: Hyper Mite

    Sweet, Nice color choices protek ...

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    Project: Hyper Mite

    Thanks - Guys.. This is a fun one..

    @ em3bilko - Its a GreenLee "KnockOut" Punch. I got it from a the Local Electrical Supply store.. They are expensive, but worth it if you do allot of 120mm holes...

    This is the part I look forward to - Getting out of the way, anyway..
    I had some time today to get the wiring done and the last fan in the back..

    For the fan I used a little bit of diamond plate film to cut some circles out for the centers so they would not look ugly..

    From the back of the case...

    This fan may or may not work out, But I like how it looks. So for now it stays..

    Finally a little more proper shot of the front of the case mostly done..

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    Project: Hyper Mite

    Thanks for the info. That is one beautimus unit. The colors are wicked. Outstanding. Happy Modding to ya.

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    Project: Hyper Mite

    dude all i can say is that is one *cherry* case. great job on it protek. very clean and sleek

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