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Thread: Yet Another Plexi Question

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    Yet Another Plexi Question

    Yes, i know, another plexi question. at the moment i have two sheets of plexi from a never-completed mod, and they are covered in paint and scratches. what would be the best way to remove the paint/scratches? i was thinking of sanding the plexi with a high grit paper, then using some soft of scratch remover. would this work ok? also, is there a specific type of scratch remover i should use? or would any car paint type scratch remover do? Thanks for any help!

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    Yet Another Plexi Question

    It all depends on how big the sheets are and the cost of redoing them compared to just buy new.

    Depending how well the paint stuck to the plexi you could try high pressure water (Local car wash) and see if it will take it off. Taking the scratches out, if a lot of them and deep, could be very time consuming. Maybe after removing the paint you could lightly sand them and go for the "frosted" look?

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    Yet Another Plexi Question

    yeah, it would be cheaper to buy new plex.

    There is a method of sanding down to a fine grit and then polishing the plex with novus. This is usually for very light scratches and is very time consuming.

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    Yet Another Plexi Question

    hmm, i think i may just frost it, then cut it, and paint it black on the back. ill see how much scratch remover costs, as a new sheet of plexi costs around £20, but i think i can get scratch remover cheaper. its for a project that im only doing because i have the spare plexi around, so ill try frosting and painting it, and see how it looks

    Thanks for the help!

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