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    RFID Question

    Hello everyone
    I have a question concerning those nifty (Yet exploitable) RFID Chips you can put in your hand. Some background for those of you that don't know them. RFID stands for radio frequency identification. What it does is you implant a tiny 5mm (ish) chip in your hand and you then wave your hand over whatever picks up the RFID signal and it performs a function. For example:
    -You wave your hand over a locked door, it unlocks (If it's automated, the door can open.)
    -I've been told \ Hold your hand for a few seconds where your car normally starts, the car will start.

    How it works: (Don't quote me, I'm here to ask questions on it ^_^;!
    -You buy the chip for your hand and then scanner type objects for wherever you wish to put the chips. Chip in your hand reacts with those objects.

    Why they're not very good right now:
    -There was something to do with RFID in Las Vagas(I believe this is the location.) What happened was that people hacked into a grocery markets RFID Chips and completely altered the inventory.

    Despite the security error, I'd like to know some information. All that I really need to know is:
    -What do you need to start? A chip for you hand, then what else? I have looked online but nothing popped up.
    -What do you need to customize/program these scanners/chip so they do what you want them to when you wave them over the scanner.

    Thank you (I have to go out for school, I'll check from school later . Technology classes ftw!)


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    RFID Question

    I havent heard all that much on how to make your own or even buy ones that you can program yourself. I visit alot of stores during the week and i have been seen alot of RFID scanners going up in between stock room doorways. I ones going up in wal-marts are made by a company called tyco.
    this site has just about everything. 7

    What would you do with a tag and scanner if you had one?

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    RFID Question

    I don't have any current plans for the RFID chip now. I'm just looking into the chip and it's functionality because I have quite a few intruging ideas as to how it could be used in the future.

    Thanks much for the link, still curious as to what I need to buy specifically though .

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