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Thread: need some help!!!

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    need some help!!!

    ok here goes i build and mod computers my girlfirend just got some yoohoo on my brand new laptop what i need to do it is take off all the keys so i can clean under there.I really dont know to much about taking apart laptops but i know alot about taking computers apart.Before i mess anything up i want to know is taking the keys off is the same like taking the keys off a computer keyboard


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    need some help!!!

    Well not all keyboards are the same.. The brand and model could also make a difference. No laptop here, so I can not help you out.

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    need some help!!!

    I know its a little late but I would take a vacuum with the hose and one of the ends and run it along the keys and see how much you can suck up out of there, but by now its probably almost dry. :?

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    need some help!!!

    thanks for the help guys.BUt i got it clean and it still works

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